6 Benefits of Senior Citizens Entering the Digital Era


While some seniors might feel that adapting to the newest trends in technology is unnecessary, the fact of the matter is that there has never been a more beneficial time to reap the benefits of this growing world. To show you, we have compiled the top 6 benefits of seniors using the internet and how to get started.

The Reality of Children with a Sensory Disorder and How You Can Help

pexels-photo-133411Sensory Processing Disorder is a condition where one’s brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes through their senses. This could include hypersensitivity to light, sound, even certain smells and the way things feel. Although many SPD cases are in connection with other disorders such as ADHD or Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders can be diagnosed on its own making it an invisible disability many can’t see.



According to recent studies, in today’s world those with disabilities tend to take the more traditional route of therapies and treatments specially designed for their specific diagnoses. This could include physical, occupational even speech and language therapy depending on the clients disability. However there is one unconventional equine therapy that ties all of these treatments into one that someone with a disability, cognitive or physical, could use to help improve their way of life. That treatment is called Hippotherapy.

Pokemon Go: life changing benefits for those with Autism

pokemongo“Life-changing” and a “miracle” are what some parents are calling the new mobile application, Pokémon go. Although the effects have yet to be studied, some are finding this virtual reality one that is changing the lives of their children forever by encouraging those with autism to socialize and interact with others.