Our employees matter to us, which is why at GT Independence we strive to create a culture that inspires and cultivates a positive work environment that our employees can be proud of.

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We honor the communities where we live and serve, striving to make a difference in the lives of families throughout the country.   We encourage employees to reach out and give back.  That is why we at GT Independence take pride in paying our employees for the time they volunteer to serve their communities.

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From the corner office to the call center, we hold every employee accountable for the quality and quantity of work they produce.  All employees are treated with respect and, as a result, are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity.  We understand that mistakes happen, and we work to own our mistakes, learn from them, and strive to be better as a result.

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Believing that we must listen carefully, we take time to understand and respect one another.  We realize that each team member fills a vital role that is necessary to keep our business operating. We acknowledge dedication and recognize hard work by rewarding our teams with fun-filled office celebrations, personal and career development opportunities, and employee appreciation days.

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As we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, so too are we committed to inspiring excellence throughout our organization.  We strive to provide a superior workplace, promote a team atmosphere and encourage personal and professional growth. Opportunities include wellness and tuition reimbursement, an onsite success coach, and our annual GT Week – an entire week dedicated to company wide collaboration, development, team-building, and celebration.

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We understand that providing professional service requires employing professionally-minded team members.  We know that achieving the highest standard of quality in our work takes commitment and continuous improvement. Through opportunities such as our tuition reimbursement and management development program, we continuously seek new and innovative ways to provide resources our employees need to grow as individuals and as professionals.

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We believe that every individual, those we serve and those we employ, has the right to live a life of their choosing.  It is because of this value that we have implemented programs such as telecommuting, which affords employees a more flexible work schedule and the opportunity to work from home.  We respect our employees and recognize that at times people experience conflict between personal decisions and professional goals. We aim to provide comfort and flexibility with access to our natural feeding room and generous maternity and paternity-leave arrangements.

Our Communities



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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Regional Office

Raleigh, North Carolina

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What Our Employees Say About Us

  • “What I absolutely LOVE about GT independence is the team that has welcomed me, made me feel special and like I belong, from the top of the company on down to the awesome people I work with each day.  I also love knowing that the work we do is helping people of all abilities live independently and of the path of their choice.  GT is great!”

    Lizzie P.
    Customer Service Team Leader - Michigan
  • “I love working for a company that truly cares about their employees.  I have never worked anywhere that made me feel like I was such an important part of the company the way GT does.  I love the way GT continually does things to show their appreciation to the people that work here. “

    Candice V.
    Customer Service Associate - Wisconsin
  • “I love that our company values not only the people that we serve and the community but they really value their employees.  I have never worked for a company who values their employees as much as GT does.  We are like a giant family that takes care of each other.”

    Tori R.
    Customer Service Associate - Michigan
  • “I love everything about GT Independence! The core values, mission, benefits, incentives, and the people I get to spend most of my time with. It is a one-of-a-kind place to be!

    Working here provides me with a sense of direction, because I am able to help others. I look forward to helping others live a life of their choosing each and every day.”

    Jennifer K.
    Operations Manager- Wisconsin, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois
  • “I LOVE the flexibility that GT Independence offers and the family like atmosphere we have on the job sites across Sturgis and several states. I LOVE that GT Independence cares

    about my future by allowing me to go to school with reimbursements available. I LOVE that my healthcare is carefully considered and improved as often as possible.  I LOVE the little

    perks that brighten my day: coffee(freshly brewed); soda pop and fresh fruit.  These are the LOVES that fuel me to want to work hard.”

    Karen B.
    Processing Team Leader
  • “I love that GT Independence fosters a culture of always striving to do the absolute best possible work. I feel a personal responsibility to give 110% in everything I do here at GT because what we do is so important to so many people across the country, and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I know I’ve done well in something is largely due in part to the culture here at GT. ”

    Abby B.
    Billing Team Leader
  • “For 15 years I stayed and home and took care of my parents. We did not have help from GT Independence, and it was very difficult, especially financially.  I worked part time jobs wherever available to help make ends meet.  But it was a time I will never regret, for not only did I grow and mature, but I became responsible for someone other than myself.  And my parents were able to stay in their home and receive care from someone who in turn cared about them.  The last few years are especially treasured, as I was able to care for my mother in the final years of her life.  She became a very close friend, a co-conspirator, and problem child all in one.  Now that she’s gone, I sometimes reflect that I don’t just miss her, I miss us.  And I’m acutely aware of what a blessing it was to have that time with her.

    Because of GT I am blessed to help other people have that same experience.    What more can you want from life?”

    Steve L.
    Customer Service Associate - North Carolina