GT Independence began with one family banding together to help family members live a life of their choosing, regardless of age or ability.

As the company grew, we promised to listen and serve people according to their wishes. Soon, we expanded our services to community mental health authorities across Michigan, offering our perspective on supporting people to live self-determined lives. Before long, it became apparent that everyone who requires supports in their day-to-day lives benefits from having choices and control over their own services. That’s when we began providing our Fiscal/Employer Agent services to people with mental health and long-term care needs in Michigan.

In 2020, we now provide a wide array of services designed to help people be independent. We serve over twenty thousand people in over 11 states. We are committed to collaboration, application of technology, accountability, and most importantly, respect for everyone’s right to decide for themselves how their lives will be lived.

People and Technology

The growth of GT Independence has taken the company in directions that no one could have imagined. Throughout our growth we have relied on our two most critical resources: people and technology.

Our team consists of carefully selected, intelligent, passionate people who refuse to fail. Each member of our 335+ employee company, from the newest accounting specialists to the managers to the CEO, are dedicated to ensuring that the people we serve meet their goals.

Coupled with our talented workforce is a persistent commitment to the application of the latest technology. Throughout our development we have constantly invested in new ways to deliver services more efficiently. We’ve evolved through server expansions, an online portal, electronic data recognition, voice over IP, a custom-built app that supports EVV, automated forms processing, electronic funds transfer systems, and many others. All to deliver the most accessible and efficient human services possible.

Looking to the Future

As life in America marches forward, it is clear that more and more, people will need some support to live their lives. As a country, we need to be better at taking care of one another. We need to help people to remain a part of their own communities, living in their own homes – living independently. GT Independence will be there to meet those needs.