We are constantly working to enhance the user experience for everyone using the Caregiver App. We highly value user feedback and develop enhancements to the Caregiver App based on the feedback we receive from all of our users.  

Caregiver App Version 2.0.0

Release Date: 11/13/2018

Default Clock-in Settings

We have worked hard to reduce the number of clicks required to clock-in for a shift through the App. Users can now set-up default clock-in data points. Choose a Participant, service code, and estimated shift time as a default. This reduces the clock in process to only two total clicks making clocking-in easier and faster!

No Need To Submit Timesheet

Submitting your timesheet for payment is now easier than ever. Users no longer need to submit entire timesheets. Once a shift has been approved by the participant it will automatically be submitted to GT for payment.

Improved Connectivity and Shift Status Notifications

Knowing when your approved shift data has successfully been synced with GT is now clear as day. Each shift now displays color coded notification badges such as “Needs to Sync” and “Received by GT” to give you real time information on your timesheet. You can now also sync your data with GT at any time by clicking the “Sync” button or pulling down on the screen.

Other Version 2.0.0 Enhancements

Functionality and changes to Caregiver 2.0.0 include- Notifications / Reminders are defaulted to “on” for new users – Sync button added to main dashboard – Timesheets section removed from dashboard – Walk-through tutorial only displays for first time users – Improved connectivity to reduce sync issues – Enhanced support for new devices and operating systems –