Pokemon Go: life changing benefits for those with Autism

“Life-changing” and a “miracle” are what some parents are calling the new mobile application, Pokémon go. Although the effects have yet to be studied, some are finding this virtual reality one that is changing the lives of their children forever by encouraging those with autism to socialize and interact with others.

Interior Design for Disability

disabled individual doing homework with nature in background

You may recognize that an organized environment is healthier for your disabled child, but did you know there are certain interior designs that can help your loved one manage their disability better? It is important to remember that each individual is different, and you should take cues from your loved one to ensure the design used best suits their situation.

Sandwich Generation

3 generations of women baking cookiesDo you have aging parents and children to care for? If so, you’re part of the sandwich generation. This group grows daily as the baby boomer generation ages into their elder years. It can be difficult to balance caring for children, parents, and yourself. Here are some tips on how to manage this lifestyle.