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Hello From Cindy Desch. Chief Talent Officer at GT.

August 17, 2021

Cindy Desch joins the executive team at GT Independence as Chief Talent Officer. In the world of self-direction, you would be hard-pressed to find a better advocate and ally than Cindy. She is passionate about self-direction. She believes that all individuals, no matter their labels or personal history, have the right to full citizenship. And everyone has the ability to make their own choices. 

Self-Direction Comes With a Responsibilty

Cindy believes that people who work in self-direction have a responsibility. That responsibility is to work with others so that anyone can access the help they need. And it’s also critical to keep developing tools that make it easy for people to self-direct. 

Cindy’s dedication is just one reason why GT is fortunate to have her become our first Chief Talent Officer (CTO).

A Background of Action and Experience

Cindy has more than 30 years of experience with risk-based and self-directed service models. Over the past 15 years, she has developed self-directed programs and put them into practice. She has also worked to train and educate people who work in these programs. And she’s focused on building welcoming, engaging communities within organizations where staff can do their best work.

And that’s not all. Cindy also shares her passion and experience in the community. She lends her talents to a number of Boards that focus on services for individuals with disabilities, including Rise Up and the Wisconsin Microboard Association.

Cindy’s GT Story

Cindy came to GT in 2018 as our Director of LTSS Program Development. She has worked with states and agencies around the U.S. to develop and expand self-direction programs. In the process, she has continued GT’s long tradition of working collaboratively so that more people can live the life they choose.

Moving Forward

As GT’s first CTO, Cindy is taking charge of many areas. She will oversee learning and development, employee engagement, culture and belonging, and stakeholder training resources. Cindy is an incredible team member, and she will continue to offer expertise and leadership as GT grows.