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How to Turn Your Budget Into a Spending Plan in California

May 24, 2021

Don’t let the numbers and processes slow your enrollment down. Get tips on how to turn your certified budget into a spending plan quickly and easily with the Spending Plan Generator (SPG). The SPG is a new support tool that will make spending plans simpler than ever.

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The Benefits of Self-Determination 

Self-determination allows an individual to control who, what, where, when, why, and how services funded by Medicare and Medicaid are provided to an individual. It empowers individuals to have control. They can develop their service plans and select their service providers to best meet their needs. 

Here at GT, we support the benefits of self-determination. We know that with choice there are better outcomes. People participating in self-determination report higher quality of life, rather than people participating in traditional care.

You are the experts when it comes to your own lives and needs, together with your loved ones.

Self-Determination Can Reduce Your Costs and Increase Flexibility

The self-determination program empowers individuals to have more control and develop being their plans. Self-determiantion can:

  • Save costs up to 15.5 percent.
  • Help solve the caregiver shortage by bringing caregivers into the workplace who may not otherwise have chosen that career path 

The Steps to Get Into Self-Determination

Notify your, your service coordinator at the regional center that you’re interested in the self-determination program

  1. Attend your regional center self-determination orientation.
  2. Start your person-centered plan. And you can do this yourself or you can work with a professional, so it’s totally up to you.
  3. Once your person-centered plan is completed, head back to your regional center and get your budget certified. Your certified budget will consist of your 12-month expenditures, plus any unmet needs, and any change in circumstances.
  4. Then you will select your financial management service (FMS) and the FMS model you would like to choose.

The Spending Plan Generator

We want you to live the life that you choose. Your life, your choice. So, we want you to be able to make that determination for yourself. So we have built a tool, and it’s called the Spending Plan Generator.

It’s available to everyone online for free, and it’s officially available soon. We’re super excited to launch it for you.

Watch the webinar to learn more.