Online Enrollment Process for IRIS Participant-Hired Workers

Simply follow the instructions below to begin the online enrollment process for an IRIS Participant-Hired Worker.

  1. Fill out below form with required information.
  2. Submit form below to generate enrollment packet.
  3. Enter full name and email of PHW and Participant (NEXT PAGE).
  4. Click “Begin Signing” button to launch packet eSign process (NEXT PAGE).
  5. Follow on screen prompts for PHW to complete eSign Process (On DocuSign).
  6. IMPORTANT: Once PHW portion is completed, the packet is sent to the Participant’s email to complete their portion. To finish packet open DocuSign email in the participant’s email account and launch participant signing session.

Begin Participant-Hired Worker Packet Process

IRIS Consultant Agency

Participant Hired Worker Information

Participant Information