Online Employee Training Resources

GT Independence is excited to have the opportunity to assist you as you begin providing self-directed care. Please use the instructions below to complete your required training so that you can begin providing services.

  • Select the trainings that you are required to complete.
  • Review the training documents.
  • Check the specified section below for your State to see additional training requirements.
  • Complete the Attestation form (Click Here to Download Form) and send it to our location Please keep a copy of the completed Attestation document for your records.
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    Fax: 1-888-972-3891
  • Renew your training as necessary, submitting an Attestation form when trainings are renewed. Please see below for the expiration period of each training.

General Trainings

General Employee Trainings Expiration Period Training Link
CPR and First Aid Training Biannual Visit Training Website
Blood Borne Pathogen Training N/A View Training
HIPAA / Confidentiality Training N/A View Training
Person Centered Thinking Training N/A View Training
Client Rights Training N/A View Training

State Specific Trainings

North Carolina

In order to complete NCI (Alternatives to Restrictive Interventions) Training or Medication Administration Training (if you are administering medication), please review the list of instructors at the link below and schedule an appointment. Once you have completed the training provided by a listed instructor, submit a signed certificate of completion to our location.

North Carolina Employee Trainings Expiration Period Training Link
NCI (Alternatives to Restrictive Intervention Training) Annual View Instructor List
Medication Administration Training N/A View Instructor List

Agency Specific Training Materials

UPCAP Trainings Expiration Period Training Link
CMS Medicare FWA Annual View Training
HIPAA Provider Training Annual View Training