What hours can I reach someone in customer service?

GT Independence Customer Service is available via phone at 877-659-4500 Monday-Friday from 8am-7pm EST.  Customer Service can also be reached via email at

How do I sign up one of my parents?

You will need to contact your local state agency so they can conduct an assessment to ensure you qualify for Medicaid.  If you qualify for Medicaid, the local state agency will send a Care Manager and Nurse to assess the level of care you need.  Once this assessment is completed, one of the options on how to receive your care is to Self Direct and use a fiscal intermediary.

What does GT do?

GT Independence is a fiscal intermediary and our primary role is to issue payroll checks for caregivers.  Other duties include withholding of employee/employer taxes, depositing taxes with local/state/federal authorities, providing monthly budget reports and providing ongoing customer service.

Are Background checks run on potential employees?

Yes, background checks are conducted on all potential employees.  A background check is required by Medicaid guidelines for Self Directed Supports.  Depending on the results of the criminal background check a waiver may be required by the member/employer of record of their guardian or power of attorney. Depending on the results of the criminal background check, an employee may be denied employment.

What states are your services available in?

GT Independence currently provides services to Medicaid recipients in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida.  We are able to provide services on a private pay basis in all 50 states.


When can my caregiver start working?

Caregivers can start working when an authorization is in place, any applicable training is completed and the caregiver is in good standing with the law.  For agency specific details on when a caregiver can start working please contact GT Independence customer service or your Care Manager.

How do I login and use my portal account?

The GT Independence portal is available to all participants and provides an array of tool to help individuals self direct their care. You can find information on logging into your account and using the portal in the User Guide listed below.

View the Participant Portal User Guide

Can I approve my caregiver's timesheets online?

Yes. You can easily review, edit, and approve your caregiver’s timesheet online through your portal account from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device. View the online timesheet guide at the link below to get started today.

View Online Timesheet User Guide

How do I terminate a caregiver I employ?

Self Directed Supports is an at-will relationship. At-will means that an employer (or their representative) can terminate an employee at any time for any reason, without cause, except an illegal one, without incurring legal liability.  Likewise, an employee is free to leave their employment at any time without cause with no adverse legal consequences.  Once you have fired an employee you need to inform both GT Independence and your Care Manager.

What is the fax number for submitting documents?

GT Independence timesheet fax line is 855-Fax-To-GT or 855-329-8648.

Does this affect my taxes?

The Medicaid funds are distributed to the funding agency and through a reporting and billing process paid to GT Independence. You will not receive the Medicaid funds directly, therefore it is not reportable income.


How do I change my personal information if I move?

You may change your personal information by filling out a Status Change Form.

How do I access my portal account?

Information and instructions for registering and using your caregiver portal account can be found in the user guide below.

View Caregiver Portal User Guide

Can I submit my timesheet online?

Yes. Submitting your timesheet online can be done easily through your portal account from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device. View the online timesheet guide at the link below to get started today.

View Online Timesheet User Guide

When do I get paid?

Caregivers are paid according to the payroll schedule, which is typically twice per month.  If you need a payroll schedule you can find one in your Portal account or contact out customer service at 877-659-4500 and request a copy.

How will I receive my paycheck?

You can receive your paycheck via PayCard or direct deposit.

Do you have more information on the PayCard?

Below is a link to the flyer where you can learn about how to use your PayCard to receive your pay and avoid fees and charges.

View PayCard documentation here

What happens if I forget to turn in my timesheet by the due date?

If a timesheet is submitted past the due date it will not be processed until the following pay cycle.

Can I turn in hours if my participant is in the hospital?

A caregiver is not allowed to submit hours for a participant while they are in the hospital or any other medical facility.


Who do I inform when a caregiver or participant is no longer with GT?

Contact GT customer service at 877-659-4500 anytime a participant or their employee is no longer participating in the program.

How can I change the authorization for an existing participant?

An updated authorization will need to be sent to GT Independence customer service.

How do I refer a new Participant to GT?

Prior to enrolling a participant in the program, GT Independence will need four (4) forms:

  1. Participant Information Sheet – provides all necessary information on who the employer of record will be.
  2. Employment application.
  3. Criminal background check consent form – allows GT Independence to conduct a criminal background check on the potential employee.
  4. Authorization – includes amount, scope and duration of services.

How can I see a participant’s budget report if I did not receive it?

As agency personnel you can have access to GT Independence’s online portal which stores participant’s monthly budget reports.  You will need to contact GT customer service at 877-659-4500 to receive a user name and password for the online portal.  GT Independence customer service can also securely email/fax/mail you a participant’s budget report.

How do I change my Agency contact information at GT?

Contact GT customer service at 877-659-4500 to change your agency contact information.