GT Independence currently provides fiscal intermediary services for Medicaid and Medicare programs in several states serving over 10,000 senior citizens, veterans and individuals with disabilities who self direct their care. GT currently works with over 175 Medicaid waiver programs, managed care organizations, Area Agencies on Aging, Community Mental Health centers and other state and local programs to serve members who self-direct their services.


Colorado Programs GT Serves:

  • Veterans Affairs


Florida Programs GT Serves:

  • Humana Long Term Care (LTC) Managed Care Program


Illinois Programs GT Serves:

  • Veterans Affairs


Maine Programs / Waivers GT Serves:

  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services
    • Section 12 – Consumer Directed Attendant Services
    • Section 19 – Home and Community Benefits for the Elderly and for Adults with Disabilities
    • Section 96 – Private Duty Nursing and Personal Care Services


GT Independence is headquartered in Sturgis Michigan and has been providing fiscal intermediary services in the State since 2004. We work with over 70 Area Agencies on Aging, Community Mental Health agencies as well as the Veterans Administration throughout the State to serve individuals who choose to self-direct their care. Michigan Programs GT Serves:

  • Michigan Programs / Waivers:
    • MI Choice Waiver Program
    • Children Waiver Program
    • MI Health Link Waiver Program
    • Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE Program)
    • Veterans Affairs


Minnesota Programs GT Serves:


Missouri Programs GT Serves:

  • Veterans Affairs

North Carolina

GT Independence began providing fiscal intermediary services through the North Carolina Cap-Choice program in 2010. We work with lead agencies throughout the entire state to serve individuals who self direct their care. We have also developed programs with the state’s Aging and Adult Services Division and the Division of MR/DD/SAS. Through various programs and waivers GT Independence provides services to Veterans, Developmentally Disabled, and elderly individuals with long-term care needs. North Carolina Programs GT Serves:

  • North Carolina Programs / Waivers:
    • Innovations Waiver
    • Community Alternatives Program (CAP) Choice Waiver
    • Division of Medical Assistance
    • Division of Aging and Adult Services
    • Veterans Affairs


GT Independence works with Family Care Managed Care Organizations as a Fiscal Employer/Agent in Wisconsin. GT currently contracts with several organizations in Wisconsin and has helped those organizations create their self-directed programs. We also employ a “Co-Employment” or agency with choice model in Wisconsin where we act as common law employer for Participants who in turn manage their Caregivers. People served under the Family Care program can have developmental disabilities or long term care needs or both. Wisconsin Programs GT Serves: