Fiscal Employer Agent Services for Humana American Elder Care PDO

GT Independence provides Self-Direction in Florida through Humana American Elder Care. Self Direction in Fl through HAEC is called PDO. PDO, stand for Participant Direction Option. Members that are currently enrolled in HAEC Medicaid Long Term Care have the option of participating in PDO.

Benefits of HAEC Participant Directed Option (PDO)

  • PDO allows member that are enrolled in HAEC through Medicaid LTC are able to hire and fire their own employee by becoming the Employer of Record for their stay at home care.
  • Traditionally member who stay at home would have an outside agency come to their house to provide services such as but not limited too; Personal Care, Home Maker Service, Adult Companion Care and at times intermittent skilled nursing. Although these services are helpful and are necessary for many people, it has been our experience as well as our members’ that when a person is in charge of their own care they can potentially live a longer and better life.
  • Traditional agencies may have high turnover rates, inconsistency and low wages provided to their employees that come visit members at their home. Through PDO the member can bypass those inconsistencies and hire a trusted friend or family member to provide services for them. BY having a friend or trusted family member providing services the member is able to communicate their needs better and have access to keeping the wages in house. For example, if a member hires his grandson that lives with him to provide services for him under PDO, the grandson can then continue to care for his grandfather and at the same time use the money from his paycheck from PDO to pay a utility bill.
  • Employees of member have a wage range which is chosen by the member. The wage range can vary from $8.05 – $12.00. These wages are paid based off of the hours that are approved by the HAEC Case Manager and are paid bi-weekly by direct deposit or payroll card after the employee hands in their timesheet to GT Independence on behalf of the member.

Participant Directed Option (PDO)

If you already have Humana or are on the Medicaid Waiver for Long Term Care (LTC) you can have access to PDO through HAEC. Please ask your case manager about PDO and based off of your interest and his/her assessment for hours, the CM will write a referral on your behalf and send it to one of our GT independence Supports Broker. A Supports Broker will then call you after receipt of the referral and offer a time to come see you to further explain the details of the program and go and fill out all enrollment paperwork with you and your chosen employee.

If you are not sure if you have or are eligible for the Medicaid Waiver please contact your local Aging Disability Resource Center for that information.

Access your local Aging Disability Resource Center

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Things to Know

  • GT Independence does offer PDO throughout the whole state of Florida exclusively at the moment through Humana American Elder Care.
  • When a member picks an employee, all employees must submit a level 2 background check (at not cost), provide valid ID’s and be able to legally work in the U.S. as well as communicate efficiently with the member.
  • If you are on a different plan other than Humana American Elder Care, you can inquire about switching to have access to PDO and other programs that may better suit your needs through HAEC.