Supported Employment Services

The Self-Directed Employment program is built on the premise that all people, regardless of age or ability have the right to live a fulfilling life in their communities. This includes contributing to one’s community through rewarding employment. Our goal is to assist people with disabilities find fulfilling work throughout their lives that reflects who they are and the gifts they have to offer.

Self-Directed Employment supports provide people with disabilities the opportunity to exercise choice and authority as they build career plans based on their unique strengths and interests.

Using a self-directed approach assures that the planning and ongoing support is coming from a neutral and independent support provider. Self-Directed Employment Guides do not have their own attachment to specific service options or support approaches. They represent and work on behalf of you, not an agency.


  • You make all decisions and are actively engaged in all parts of employment seeking process
  • Support, coaching, and mentorship is provided by your personal employment guide
  • You can choose your own employment guide or be matched with one
  • Tools and resources are provided to enable you to lead your own journey to employment
  • You receive a custom approach created by selecting tools that work best for you
  • Builds upon your existing strengths and support networks

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact:

Patty Branton
Phone: 715-413-1688
Email Patty Branton