Receive Cost Effective Care in Your Home

Receive the care you need without paying for services you don’t need or want. GT gives you complete control over the care you receive, times care is given and services caregivers perform enabling you to stay in your home under your own terms at a lower cost than other assisted living options.

Employ Caregivers You Like and Trust

Hire caregivers that you like and trust to provide your care services. GT enables you to receive care from people of your choosing including friends and family members. If needed GT can assist you with recruiting caregivers, scheduling of interviews, employee screening, background checks and help establishing competitive wages for caregivers.

Take Control of Your Care

You determine the level of care you want to receive and how much you want to spend on care each month. GT works with you, and your care advisor when applicable, to implement a weekly, monthly and annual authorized care budget to ensure you receive the care you need while staying within your chosen spending limit.

Easily Pay Your Caregivers

Make sure your caregivers get paid on time without any headaches. GT Independence handles all aspects of paying caregivers and contractors including receiving timesheets, withholding taxes and issuing checks or direct deposits. Your only responsibility is to approve the caregiver’s timesheet to verify you were provided care.

Employer Taxes Are Filed for You

Don’t worry about filing employer/employee taxes or paying caregivers under-the-table. GT Independence provides peace of mind by performing all required state, federal and local tax withholding and deposits throughout the year, processing taxes and issuing W2s to caregivers on your behalf.

Track Your Care and Spending

You can keep track of in home care spending through monthly budget reports. GT Independence sends monthly budget reports detailing the services and hours of care you received for the month to you and/or a person of your choosing to help you effectively manage care and expenses.