We make it easy for you to self-direct your care and receive the services that you need.

  • Choose Your Caregiver
    GT Independence places you in control of all hiring and firing decisions regarding your care. You can choose someone you like and trust, including family and friends, to provide your caregiver services.
  • Enroll with GT Independence
    Once you have chosen a caregiver a GT Field Service Representative will arrange an in person meeting with you and your caregiver to review and complete the necessary forms and tax documents. Once completed our staff files all forms and tax documents with the appropriate government agency.
  • Determine Your Service Plan / Budget
    You determine the level of care you want and approve a service plan / budget which ensures that you receive the care you need for the cost that you determine. You remain in control and can make changes to your service plan at any time to accommodate changes in your health and needs.
  • Receive Services
    You can now begin receiving caregiver services and directing your own care. As an employer you have complete control over when, where and how your care is provided. By directing your own care you ensure that all of your care needs are being met.
  • Approve Timesheets
    Your caregivers receive approval on their timesheets from you and then submit their timesheets directly to us. Timesheets are easily submitted online, by email or Toll-Free fax and your caregiver is notified that it has been accepted.
  • Payroll Distribution
    Our payroll department verifies timesheets for accuracy and makes sure all services are authorized by your approved service plan before sending payment to your caregiver. Payment can be made by check, direct deposit or loaded onto a pay card.
  • Reporting / Tracking Care
    Each month we send you, and/or a person of your choosing, a report detailing the services and hours of care you received for the month. This report tracks your spending and allows you to easily see the cost of your care each month along with other information like employee trainings and tax withholdings.
  • Billing
    We send one simple invoice each month for the payroll issued to your employee(s) and our monthly fee. There are a variety of ways that payment can be set-up to make sure paying your bill is simple and easy.
  • Filing Taxes
    Our experienced team handles all required tax withholdings throughout the year on your behalf and issues a W2 to your employee(s) at the end of the year. You receive a final statement at the year’s end as proof of services that you have paid for to use in filing your personal taxes.