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5 Reasons to Use the Spending Summary Report in California

July 1, 2021

Spending is part of your self-determination experience. So, it’s only right that you get reports that are simple and easy to use. With the Spending Summary report, you can see all your spending information at the same time. And if you need a quick overview or line-by-line expenses, the Spending Summary gets you all the details you need. 

The spending summary report is helpful in a variety of ways. But there are few helpful benefits that stand out. 

1. Run a Spending Summary Whenever You Want

With the new report, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month. Sign in to the GT Portal and run a report whenever you need to. 

2. See a Visual Overview  

The top part of the Spending Summary gives you a quick visual graph, so you can easily see your spending based on category. 

3. Dig Into the Details  

The bottom part of the Spending Summary gives you a detailed breakdown. You can see all three spending plan categories. And the individual service codes. 

4. Stay on Track 

To check in on spending and make sure you’re on track, you run a report in real-time. The best time is to check after each payroll because recent purchases will take time after the payroll period to appear. 

5. Easily Share Your Reports 

Export and download your report with a single click with the PDF or CSV file formats. Or you can view it right in your browser with the HTML format. This makes showing your regional center a breeze. 

How to Run a Spending Summary Report    

You can access your Spending Summary report on your GT Portal account. You run your report in four simple steps.  

Step 1  

Sign on to your GT Portal account. Need a refresher course on the Portal? Check out the GT Portal 2.0 User Guide. 

Step 2  

Once you’ve signed in, select Reports in the left-hand navigation menu.  

Step 3  

From your list of report options, select Spending Summary.

Step 4  

Review your list of reports and select Run Report As to run a Spending Summary report as PDF, CSV, or HTML.

Step 5  

You will get a confirmation email with a tracking number. This will tell you that your NPI number will be emailed, usually the same day. 

Spending Summary Video Walkthrough

Check out our quick walkthrough video. And happy reporting! 

Have Questions About the Spending Summary?

Get in touch with the California team. We’re here to help with whatever you need.