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7 Things You Need to Know About the New GT Independence Website

May 26, 2021

GT Independence is thrilled to launch our new website! We developed the website based on feedback from the many people who rely on it. It’s designed to be simple to use with easy-to-find information. And it shows GT’s commitment to self-direction.

Do you have questions about our new site or where you can find important information? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If you’re still not finding your answer, please call our customer service team at 1.877.659.4500.

1. looks different. Is it the same company?

Yes! The website has a fresh new look and easy-to-find information, but we are still the same company.

2. Why did GT change the website?

GT updated our website to provide a better online experience and more self-direction resources. We were founded on the belief that all people should live a life of their choosing, regardless of age or ability. We believe this new website is an important step in helping people achieve that goal.

3. Did the GT Portal change too?

No. The GT Portal ( has not changed. The portal is completely unaffected by the website update.

4. Does this change affect my Caregiver app?

There are no changes to the GT Caregiver app. You can keep using Caregiver on your mobile device or tablet as you normally do.

5. Does the new website affect my GT login or that of my caregivers?

No. Your usernames or passwords are staying the same. You can keep accessing forms and your personal planning information through the portal or Caregiver as you normally do.

6. What new features are on the website?

Our new website was designed to provide a better online experience and to help make self-direction a more accessible long-term care solution.

  • Find detailed program information on the site with clear directions on how to start self-directing services and supports.
  • Access the resources and tools section to get the most out of self-direction resources. It will feature frequent updates.
  • Find your state page to get a deeper dive into how self-direction works in your state.

7. How can I get in touch with GT’s customer service team?

The old “Contact Us” page has been expanded into two pages on the new website. This helps position our customer service team to easily evaluate and streamline responses.

  • Contact Us – This page will contain a simple form for general inquiries. It will house our hours and all our contact information, such as email, mail, telephone, fax, and office locations.
  • Get Support – This form is built to help people solve problems quickly. People can pick their problem (such as timesheets, technical trouble, discrimination, and more) from the list, and the form will dynamically change to fit their issue.

Thanks for Checking Out the New Website

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact us. We want to keep improving your experience here at