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Community Impact

Doing Our Part to Make Lives Better

At GT Independence, we help people live the life of their choosing. This is our ultimate measure of success. But, we can’t do it alone. The people we serve are active in their communities and we are too. We work with participant networks, small businesses, governments, associations, and nonprofit organizations. With our partners, we help build better—more accessible and inclusive communities. All while promoting self-direction.

We welcome you to join us! Learn more below about the work GT is doing in the places in which our participants live and work.

GT Care Awards

Giving Back to the Givers

At GT, we know that caregivers play a critical role in helping people live the life they choose. That’s why we honor them during National Caregiver’s Month—held every November.

Launched in 2020, GT Care Awards celebrates family caregivers and support coordinators. People with disabilities and their families share personal stories of gratitude. By doing so, they nominated their caregivers for the #GTCareAwards. As a salute, GT showcases all nominated caregivers on Wall of Thanks.

Care Connection: Easing Feelings of Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. But it has been extra difficult for people at high risk of severe illness. Many must keep to themselves for much of the time. To let people know that they aren’t alone, GT launched #CareConnectionCampaign.

With the #CareConnectionCampaign, GT sparked conversations and education about social isolation. We sent surprise care packages to boost spirits. And we offered resources for managing these challenging times. We also asked people to share (on our Facebook page) their ideal way to reconnect with loved ones once safe to do so. And then gave three lucky winners $500 to help make that dream a reality.

“My care connection day would be to see my 94 year old grandmother who resides in Chicago… I cannot wait to hug my grandmother again. She has been so isolated.”

– Susan D.

Fair Play for All

Making Inclusion a Reality

The Americans With Disabilities Act marked its 30th anniversary in July of 2020. GT took the opportunity to celebrate the landmark legislation. But, we also wanted to show how much work remains to make our communities inclusive. We started with a common gathering place: the playground.

This year, Holly Carmichael, our CEO, is taking us back to the playground with Fair Playfor All: Celebrate Play!

Learn about Holly’s has tremendous experience in making playgrounds accessible and inclusive. She created change in her own neighborhood, with her daughter in mind. And learn how you can win a trip to the most accessible theme part in the United States.

Hear From a Mom Who Made a Difference

Holly Carmichael, COO of GT Independence and mom of two, shared her story to kick off #FairPlayForAll. Learn how she advocated for an inclusive and accessible playground in her neighborhood.

Supporting Our Communities—Together

Want to suggest a community outreach opportunity that needs a hand? Let us know your ideas about how GT can assist in making lives better and communities stronger in your area.