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Caregiving Can Be Heartbreaking, and We Thank You for It

We're Here to Help you Live the Life You Choose, Regardless of Age or Ability.

September 3, 2020

Are you a caregiver to a loved one? Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, under appreciated and unnoticed? We at GT Independence want you to know–what you do is important, and we see you.

We See How Hard You Work

How the burdens can be overtaking and the work is unimaginably difficult not only physically but emotionally. You may feel ambivalence and care about your job and what you are doing and yet not wanting to do it at all at the same time. You may feel caring for your loved one is not only a gift but a curse and you feel angry, frustrated, depressed, lonely, and jealous of others who do not have the responsibilities that you do.

You may bottle all of these feelings up letting them boil until resentment or guilt fills in, but we want you to know it’s okay. It’s okay to feel these emotions and each one that pops up during your day is not only acceptable but valid.

Nearly 40 million Americans provide unpaid care, 40% have a high burden of care, and the majority of caregivers step into the position unplanned. With a Silver Tsunami of the aging population coming to a peak, caregivers like you are becoming scarce. You are not only becoming outnumbered but the amount of individuals willing to take on the role that you have are steadily decreasing.

You Are a Gift and You Are Noticed

Watching loved ones fade away and becoming consumed by their disability is heartbreaking and something many others would not step up to help fill, which is why we see you. Only 53% of caregivers say that another person helps out willingly, and 1 in 3 state they get absolutely no help at all. So realize that you are unique and you are more than needed, you are a blessing.

Family members may come and go. They may state that they care and that they will try harder to help out, yet when you need help no one can clear their schedule. Many don’t see the work you do and the devastation that occurs, but we do.

We acknowledge the work that you put in on a daily basis. we want to thank you.

Many caregivers have patients who don’t have the ability to always thank them or their disability may not allow them the opportunity to realize all that you do, but your work is not unnoticed.

Remember This Truth: You Matter

When the responsibilities are overwhelming and the emotions start flooding in, remember that you matter. What you do matters. And that’s something that you should be proud of. Your kind heart stepped up to a role many others refuse or underestimate, but you are worth more thank you’s than any one person could ever give.

You change lives. You live out our mission of helping individuals live a life of their choosing regardless of age or ability, and we thank you for that. Here at GT Independence, we thank you for your service and appreciate all that you do for your loved one. And even if they can’t or don’t say it, they do appreciate you too.

Never forget that and never forget your worth.