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Hello From Holly Carmichael. New CEO of GT.

August 6, 2021

Holly’s stepping up as the new chief executive officer of GT Independence. She’s taking over for her brother-in-law, John Carmichael.

In her new role, Holly’s vision is to change the world, starting with GT Independence. Her goal? To expand access to self-direction by building on John’s foundational work. This means taking the high levels of service and support for all participants and caregivers even higher.

As Holly’s stepping up as CEO, John’s moving into the role of president, focusing on strategic partnerships. Here, he’ll work to make self-direction available for everyone by influencing policy.

Mom of Kids With Disabilities. Lifelong Advocate.

Holly’s spent over 15 years working in virtually every department at GT. She knows the self-direction industry as well as anyone, and she’s ready to help GT become the top financial services provider in the U.S.

As the mom of children with disabilities, self-direction is personal for Holly. She’s a lifelong advocate for disability rights, bringing her passion for accessibility and inclusion to work every day.

Maggie, Holly’s daughter, has a rare genetic disorder called PMM2-CDG. This disorder causes intellectual and developmental disability and mobility impairment. Being Maggie’s mom has changed Holly’s perspective on life. Maggie’s incredible spirit keeps Holly motivated to help others live life as they choose.

“As a mother of children with disabilities, I know how frustrating and isolating it can feel every time you have to fight for basic freedoms. At GT Independence, our sole focus is on ensuring self-direction is a reliable and accessible home- and community-based services option.”

– Holly Carmichael

Learn What Holly’s Been Up To

She serves as a resource for policymakers and health care leaders. She helps them explore how to improve supports and outcomes for people with disabilities and long-term care needs. Holly is also a member of the Applied Self-Direction Government Policy Executive Think Tank. And to round off her resume, she also serves as a board member of CDG Care and Maggie’s PMM2-CDG Cure LLC, which is named after her daughter Maggie.

During Holly Carmichael’s tenure as COO, GT Independence has more than doubled the number of self-directing participants it serves. All while maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of over 96 percent year over year.

Today, GT Independence manages over $350 million in Medicaid funds related to financial management services for self-direction. The company is one of the leading FMS providers in the U.S., serving more than 22,000 people in 12 states.

“When people can choose to live in their homes or communities and still receive care, hire people they trust to support their day-to-day life, and know that they have advocates to help make self-direction an accessible choice, we enhance the overall health and wellbeing of our communities. As the CEO of GT Independence, I look forward to continuing John’s legacy and expanding our critical FMS services across the U.S.”

– Holly Carmichael

John’s Transition to President

After spending 17 years overseeing GT’s development from startup to national FMS leader, John Carmichael will now serve as GT Independence’s president with a focus on strategic partnerships. 

Here, he’ll work to make self-direction available for everyone by influencing policy and teaming with other long-term services and supports (LTSS) leaders to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

His priority is on transforming the broader healthcare landscape and leveraging his experience at GT to support community development in his hometown of Sturgis, Michigan.

Why the Leadership Change Is Happening Now

This change is the result of years of planning, and John and Holly both felt that now is the right time. With the tremendous growth of GT, there is a need to focus on strategic partnerships which John will be instrumental in supporting. John is also dedicated to his community, giving back, and ensuring our community is inclusive and vibrant. This change will allow John an opportunity to focus on community, a critical core value of the company.

GT’s Mission Moving Forward

Holly lives out GT’s values every day and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. She draws on personal experience with her family, including her son and husband, who have autism, and her daughter, who has a rare disease.

The mission to help people live a life of their choosing regardless of age or ability will remain. Everyone at GT will continue to live out GT Independence’s values of self-determination, professionalism, integrity, community, excellence, and respect as GT continues forward as a leader in self-directed services.