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Meet Disability Voices United—Run By and For Californians with Disabilities

May 3, 2021

Many groups focus on how to help people with developmental disabilities. In California, one of the leaders is Disability Voices United ( The organization is run by and for people with disabilities.

Disability Voices United focuses on making sure that people with disabilities and their families are heard. They want everyone to have choice and control over how they live their lives. They are committed to equity and accountability. And, they want to see meaningful outcomes for Californians with disabilities. Self-determination is an important part of all those goals.

When self-determination became a law in 2013, it gave people with disabilities and their families more control over services they need and receive. Disability Voices United has a website with information to help people understand their choices. It talks about many issues, from how to prepare for medical care to how to stay safe and return to work around COVID-19. Also, visitors to the website can find:

  • Information about disability rights
  • Updates on how Disability Voices United is advocating
  • Resources, like publications and webinars
  • Interchanges, where community members can share ideas
  • Events calendars
  • Stories about self-determination

Disability Voices United also offers news about changes in laws and policies. Even though the group is based in California, it follows national issues. After all, the federal government’s actions can affect the whole developmental disabilities community.

Finally, the website includes links to outside resources. Visitors to the site can find helpful local, state, and national agencies. And, the site is available in Spanish (también hay una versión en español).

Disability Voices United is all about self-determination and helping people lead their best life. For more information, visit their website or call 530-JOIN DVU (530-564-6388). You can also stay informed by signing up for their mailing list.