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Meet the GT Portal

The GT Portal is a secure online tool that supports people who use self-direction. Sign in from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll see features that are just for you—whether you’re a participant getting care, a caregiver offering support, or a case manager or agency making sure self-direction is working for others.


GT Portal was created with people who are also self-directing their care to make life easier, not harder. You will find everything you need to manage self-direction and make decisions with good information. You can review and approve timesheets, view budget reports in real-time, and even find a caregiver. You can also find forms, documents, and other resources for self-direction.

And, if you need language support, we have you covered.

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  • Manage Your Supports

    Review and approve your caregiver’s timesheets. You can also learn if the person you’re choosing to be your caregiver is eligible to be hired through self-direction.

  • View Real-Time Reports

    Find and view your budget and other reports in real time, and be well-informed when it’s time to make decisions about your care.

  • Find a Caregiver

    If you need a new caregiver, we have 30,000 you can choose from. You can find information about their training, certification, and background checks, and how to get in touch with them.

  • Get Helpful Tools

    Get notifications about self-direction, and find forms, documents, and other resources that can help you. If you prefer to receive information in Spanish, we can assist you there, too. The GT Portal, forms and resources are also available in Spanish.


Being a caregiver is hard, but rewarding, work. We developed the GT Portal with all of that in mind. You’ll find tools and features that let you spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting the important people in your life. You can see your time entries from the Caregiver app, check on the approval status, and see if your paycheck is coming through. You can also find important training and resources to help you stay well-informed.

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  • Manage Your Time

    You can review your time entries from the portal or the Caregiver app by GT. You can also check the status of your approved time and payment.

  • Access Your Pay Information

    View, download, and print your pay stubs, 1099s, and W-2s for all the people you care for. Any time you need to.

  • Find Resources and Trainings

    You have all forms, guides, trainings, and any other information you need right at your fingertips.

  • Get Helpful Tools

    Manage your account and information, get notifications to stay informed, and take advantage of language support if you need it.


As a vendor, you need a place where you can track your payment details from GT for the clients you serve. The GT Portal for vendors is a quick and easy way to keep track of all the details.  

With the GT Portal, you can view paystubs and remittances with just a few clicks. This allows you to understand what makes up your vendor payments from GT. You can dig into which clients and which service hours are included in each payment to verify that invoices have been paid. This means you don’t have to call GT to ask for a copy of your paystub or wonder about the details of a recent payment.  

You can also access the information from any device while on the move. Also, it’s easy to keep an eye on important notifications and access helpful resources—all in one place. 

Future features are also under development. Look forward to: 

  • Manually building invoices and submitting directly on the portal 
  • Uploading invoices 

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  • Access the Portal at Any Time

    With the GT Portal, everything you need will only be a few clicks or taps away. You can sign into the portal for a seamless experience on any device. 

  • View Paystubs and Remittances

    View paystub and remittance details in one click, including itemization and dates of service.

  • Get Notifications and Resources

    Check your portal dashboard for important notifications from GT. You can also get access to helpful resources, like how-to guides and more.

  • Send in Feedback

    The GT Portal for vendors has gone through pre-launch testing by the GT team and vendors just like you. So please let our development team know your feedback—positive or negative. We want your experience on the vendor portal to be the best it can be.

Case Managers

At GT, we work hard to make life easier for all our customers, and we know our way around self-direction. After all, it is our business—our entire focus. We designed the GT Portal with input from all our stakeholders, including case managers, to make sure you have the right tools and resources at hand.

With the GT Portal, you can easily access all the reporting you need to make sure participants are staying within budget and following their personalized plan of care.

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  • Access a Robust Reporting Suite

    See reports that are meaningful to you. Through the GT Portal, create customized reports to provide details about the care and cases you manage. Make sure people get the self-directed care they planned for—from the services delivered to the shifts performed and much more.

  • Find a Caregiver

    When looking for caregivers for people who want to self-direct, look no further than the GT Portal. Its directory includes more than 30,000 qualified professionals ready to help. You can review a caregiver’s training, certification, background check dates, languages, and contact information.

  • See Timesheets All in One Place

    Complete your auditing tasks with greater speed and ease. Through the GT Portal, access past timesheets to ensure time worked has been paid for any period in question.

  • Get Tools and Resources

    Use the GT Portal to set personal alerts customized to your case load, helping you check in and keep on top of your participants’ needs. Also, use the portal to find helpful forms, documents, and resources, like language support.

Agency Partners and MCOs

As an agency or managed care organization, you need to have powerful technology and tools to keep track of many moving parts. At the same time, those resources need to provide assurance that guidelines—like EVV—are being followed. The GT Portal does both. We created the portal with input from our stakeholders.

The GT Portal provides comprehensive reporting that makes managing self-direction arrangements easy. And, the portal is HIPAA compliant. This investment in technology aims to lighten your load and reduce barriers to self-direction in our communities.

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  • Access Budget and Utilization Reporting

    A full suite of customizable reports are available through the GT Portal. Generate authorization, utilization, budget, and employee eligibility reports. Also, find access to valuable Medicaid data. Whether you’re looking for a broad program view or digging deeper into a single participant’s self-directed plan, the GT Portal provides everything you’ll ever need for program management.

  • Get EVV Reporting

    The GT Portal offers a range of reports to give you more insight into self-direction arrangements, including certified EVV reporting. Keep up with EVV shift and location information to ensure participants are getting the care they planned for and living the life of their choosing.

  • Gain Auditing Tools

    Ease the auditing process with the GT Portal’s reporting tools. Generate all the reports you need to create a comprehensive view of how self-directed care is being provided. A history of paid timesheets include tasks and progress notes. You can also find shift detail and service locations reports.

  • Find a Caregiver

    When looking for caregivers for people choosing self-direction, look no further than the GT Portal. Its directory includes more than 30,000 active, qualified professionals ready to help. Quickly access and review a caregiver’s training, certification, background check dates, languages, and contact information.

  • Send Notifications and Access Resources

    Work with GT Independence to send notifications to users in your organization. And, you can receive notifications from GT to stay informed about developments in self-direction. Also, use the portal to access forms, documents, and resources, like language support—for you or your team.