7 Disaster Preparedness Tips

disaster2.1With another storm season in the midst, it’s vital that everyone in your household is prepared for any type of disaster that may come your way, especially for the elderly.

Medicaid vs. Medicare: What’s the Difference?

Your loved one needs help paying for their medical bills. You know Medicaid and Medicare are government insurance programs, but what is the difference? You aren’t sure if you or your loved one will qualify or what the insurance will cover once qualified.

15 Caregiver Facts

The role of caregiving in America is a growing position that is essential in our society but one that goes unnoticed and under appreciated. 

Pokemon Go: life changing benefits for those with Autism

“Life-changing” and a “miracle” are what some parents are calling the new mobile application, Pokémon go. Although the effects have yet to be studied, some are finding this virtual reality one that is changing the lives of their children forever by encouraging those with autism to socialize and interact with others.

How to Have Happy Holidays

elderly parents with adult son at ChristmasIt can be difficult to enjoy the holidays when a family member is elderly or disabled. What is deemed the “happiest time of the year” by many can bring extra stress to parents of disabled children and adults, along with adult children of elderly. Here are 7 tips to keep the holidays happy for everyone in your family.

Senior Volunteer Programs

seniors volunteeringAs you age, you may have a feeling of emptiness where a job once was. Now that you are retired and have more free time, you may be wondering how to fill this gap. Volunteering in your community can help others while also helping yourself.

Should you Downsize?

Senior Woman Standing Outside HouseYou’ve been on your own for awhile now, and your house has more space than you could ever use. Some rooms sit for days or weeks without use, and pieces of furniture get dusty from lack of use. You don’t want to move, but it seems like you should. Here are some tips to help you know if it’s time to downsize.

Cold Weather Safety

The winter months can bring many extra dangers to the elderly. Here are some of the most common dangers to affect the elderly and how to help ensure safety.