Cancer in Elderly

elderly man in hospitalAs your parents age, you worry about the diseases and illnesses they might be diagnosed with. Your mom goes to a doctor appointment and just like that, she’s diagnosed with cancer. The doctor describes the treatment options, but how will your family decide what to do next?

Effects of Long Term Care Choices

Once an illness or accident causes and individual to require long term care, health and life expectancy dramatically decrease. But could your choice of care effect health and life expectancy even more?

Technology for Aging in Place

elderly couple video chatting with their adult daughterThe majority of elderly individuals want to stay in their homes as they age. It can be difficult for adult children to feel comfortable with their parents living alone and the possibility of their becoming injured or falling ill unnoticed. There are many types of technology that can assist elderly individuals to remain safe in their own homes throughout the aging process.

Cost of Care Options

elderly and caregiver handsWhen beginning the long term care process with your elderly parents, you may be wondering what care option fits into your parents’ budget.

Staying Involved in the Care Process

adult children spending time with elderly parentsOnce your parents have settled into their regular care process, you may wonder where you fit in and how you can stay involved in their care. There are several ways to stay involved in and help your parents in their care process.

Healthy Aging

happy and healthy elderly coupleWhen it comes to aging, there are several things you can do to stay healthy throughout the process. Talk to your healthcare professional about ways you can prevent illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Disability Camps

disabled child at campIf you have a disabled child, you may worry that they aren’t having normal childhood experiences. One of the many disability camps across America can help your child have a home away from home experience.

What is Paratransit?

disabled man using paratransitIf you are unable to drive, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy the opportunities outside your home, along with attending appointments on time. Paratransit can help.

Surprising Travel Destination Accommodations

senior woman pushing her disabled husband in wheelchair on vacationIf someone in your family has a disability, planning a vacation can be an extremely stressful experience. You may think your destinations are limited. However, there are many travel destinations that may surprise you with their level of accommodation.

Steps to Begin Self-Directed Care

elderly woman with caregiver outside homeWhen making the decision to self-direct your care, you may wonder how to begin the process. Here are the steps taken to begin receiving care whether you are privately paying for services or receiving assistance from Medicaid or Medicare.

Discussing Care Options with Mom and Dad

elderly Asian woman and daughter It can be difficult to bring long term care options to the table with your parents. In order to choose the best option for your parents without taking away from their opinions, there are several steps you can take.