In-Home Care Options

elderly man with nurse

If you are new to the world of in home care, you may be wondering what the options are. You’ve likely heard of both self-directed services and home care agencies, but what’s the difference?

Care Needs Assessment

elderly couple with nurse writing notesIf you think you or a loved one might need care, a care needs assessment can help determine care needs along with the resources available to your loved one.

Benefits of the Special Olympics

Wheelchair on TrackThe Special Olympics is just a sporting event for disabled children, right? Wrong. The Special Olympics have a positive and lasting effect on participants, their families, and all those facing disability.

Writing Your Caregiver Job Description

senior woman writing job descriptionThe hiring process can be a difficult and stressful road. The job description is an important piece of the employment puzzle. While you may think you can simply write “elderly seeks help” in an ad, it is necessary to write a more in depth description.

Long Distance Caregiving

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You may be wondering how you can possibly help your elderly parent who requires care on the opposite side of the country. While it may be difficult for you to move nearer or make often trips to assist your parent in person, there are many ways you can assist from the comfort of your home.

How to Supervise and Evaluate Caregivers

elderly couple evaluating caregiver

If you or a loved one requires a caregiver, you may wonder if the caregiver is providing care properly and as often as necessary. In order to ensure your care is being kept at the highest of standards, you will need to supervise and evaluate your caregivers on a regular basis.

Caregiver Calendar


Think about your schedule. You’re a busy person. You work, you care for mom, and you try to maintain a social life. If you don’t already have a calendar, how do you do it? Calendars can be extremely beneficial to family caregivers.

What is Hospice Care?

Elderly man being pushed by a male nurseIs your loved one tired of trying treatment to no avail? Do they want to enjoy the rest of their days in the comfort of their own home? Hospice care can provide comfort and peace of mind for those nearing the end of life.

How to Train Your Caregiver

caregiver helping man walkHiring a new caregiver can be a learning experience. If you have many necessary supports, training a caregiver can add greatly to the stress of a new hire. However, training a new caregiver is an important part of ensuring comfort and safety in your new relationship.

Activities for Seniors

Activities for seniors with decreased mobility

Is your elderly dad unable to enjoy his favorite hobbies? Does he complain of being bored often? Are you at a loss for ideas? You’re not alone.

Elder Law Attorneys

What is an elder law attorney?Elder Law Attorney

Elder lawyers are well versed in the language of elder law and can help you understand your rights. They have experience coordinating efforts with other specialists in elderly services and can assist in finding the resources available to you.