California PIP Program

Paid Internship Program Overview

California’s Paid Internship Program (PIP) is available to job seekers served by the regional centers. PIP exists to help people with disabilities (18 years and older) improve their job skills. The goal of the paid internship is that by the end of the program, the participant will be ready to pursue long-term employment. 

During the internship, you (the intern) will work toward the goals set by you and your service coordinator. You will be doing a specific job that involves the same community or worksite activities as someone without a disability. You will earn at least minimum wage and make the same amount of money that other employees make doing the same job. There is no minimum or maximum hour requirement.

Who the PIP Program Serves

  • Any person who is of legal working age and eligible to work 
  • Any person who can travel independently or has dependable transportation (ADA Paratransit, Uber/Lyft, family member, etc.)
  • Any person who has the desire to work full- or part-time, become self-employed, start a small business, or develop skills as an apprentice

With PIP, You Can…

  • Learn work-related tasks and appropriate communication skills
  • Gain practical work experience for resume development
  • Grow your competency in a selected trade
  • Prepare to start a business
  • Choose your hours (there is no minimum or maximum hour requirement)

How GT Independence Supports You

  • As the employer of record, we are responsible for all payroll and mandated employer costs

Contact Us

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