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Technology Assisted HCBS Waiver

Technology Assisted HCBS Waiver Program Overview

The Technology Assisted waiver helps people dependent on a medical device to get support right in their own home. If you’re chronically ill or considered medically fragile, this program helps you control your own services and supports. You can keep your lifestyle and hire people you trust to provide your services.

To join the program, you must need daily support from both a nurse and medical technology. This care must be similar to the care you would get in a hospital to prevent death or further disability. The goal of the program is to get you the same (or better) support than what you would get in the hospital. All while staying in your own home and community.

Who the Technology Assisted HCBS Program Serves

  • People who are dependent on medical technology
  • Considered chronically ill or medically fragile
  • Need daily, hospital-level care
  • 0–21 years old

In the Technology Assisted HCBS Program, You Get Access to…

  • Specialized medical care
  • Health maintenance monitoring 
  • Personal care services (PCS)
  • Home modification 
  • Intermittent intensive medical care  
  • Medical respite  
  • Financial management services

How GT Independence Supports You

At GT Independence, we believe you should be able to experience life on your own terms. As a financial management service (FMS), we help you manage your services and supports. You control your care. We take care of the details. This includes all of the paperwork, like taxes and payments to your providers. We also handle all background screenings for your support providers. Our goal is to help you successfully self-direct your own care.

  • Family-owned and disability-led business 
  • More than 15 years serving the aging and disability communities
  • CARF accredited financial management service 

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