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Choices for Independence (CFI) Program

Choices for Independence Overview

The Choices for Independence (CFI) program helps people with disabilities and long-term care needs stay in their homes and communities. With the CFI program, you don’t need to go to a nursing home. Instead, you can choose to live in your own home and stay active in your community. You manage your caregivers and choose the services that best fit your needs. This allows you to live independently. 

If you’re eligible for CFI, you’ll also get a CFI case manager to help you throughout the process. The Choices for Independence (CFI) is a home- and community-based (HCBS) waiver, funded by Medicaid.

Who the Choices for Independence Program Serves 

  • Adults 18 or older  
  • Needs nursing facility level of care 
  • Eligible for Medicaid

With the Choices for Independence Program, You Can… 

  • Hire, manage, and fire caregivers   
  • Pay caregivers very competitive wages   
  • Set a schedule for caregivers that meets your needs   
  • Decide what type of training your caregivers will need   
  • Submit timesheets from your devices  
  • Follow state rules and requirements, like electronic visit verification (EVV)  
  • Get support services in your own home and community    
  • Live independently 

How GT Independence Supports You

At GT Independence, we believe you should be able to experience life on your own terms. As a family-owned and disability-led financial management service (FMS), we help you manage your services. You control your care. We take care of the details.  

This includes all the paperwork, like taxes, payments, and worker’s compensation insurance for your caregivers. We also handle all background screenings and citizenship status verifications. Our goal is to give you the support you need to self-direct your own care.

  • Online portal with easy-to-read monthly budget reports 
  • Simple e-enrollment process for caregivers 
  • Free app to track time and submit timesheets 
  • Support specialists ready to help with questions and complaints 
  • Online caregiver directory 
  • Processing payroll and payments to caregivers 
  • 15+ years serving the aging and disability communities  
  • CARF accredited financial management service 

We’re Here to Support You 

For more information, please contact your case manager or GT’s support specialists.  

Call toll-free: 1.877.659.4500