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Homemaker and Personal Care Services

What is Homemaker and Personal Care Services?

Homemaker and Personal Care Services help people with disabilities and long-term needs take care of themselves and their homes. It helps you do everyday tasks and be more independent in your home and community. It is available for people using Individual Options or Level One waivers.

Here are a few things you can do and learn in the service:

  • Self advocacy training helps you say what you want and stand up for your rights
  • Self-direction lets you make choices that affect your life
  • Daily living skills teach how to cook meals, take care of yourself, and safely handle medicine
  • Therapeutic supports help improve things like movement, speaking, or behavior
  • Behavioral support strategies teach how to properly show feelings and behave well in social situations
  • Medical services can help with taking medicine or caring for those who are ill
  • Emergency response training helps prepare for emergencies, including how to use special equipment
  • Community access services help explore public services and activities in the community
  • When mixed with other tasks of home/personal care, you can also learn more about managing money

About the Two Models of Homemaker and Personal Care Services

There are two different models (versions) of Homemaker and Personal Care Services to choose from: Homemaker/Personal Care and Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care.

Homemaker/Personal Care

This model requires the provider to walk through multiple certification steps. The provider is also more independent and has more responsibility, especially with administrative tasks. You can choose this model if you are enrolled in the Level One Waiver or Individual Options Waiver.  

Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care

This model also requires the provider to be certified. But some steps of the certification can be waived if the participant chooses. You can choose this model if you are enrolled in the SELF Waiver, Level One Waiver, or Individual Options Waiver.  

Difference Between the Models

  • Provider Certification Requirements

    There is no difference between the models for this requirement. All providers must be certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. To become a certified provider, visit the DODD website to get started.

    Requirements for the provider to be certified: 

    • Must be at least 18 years old with valid ID 
    • Must have a high school diploma or GED 
    • Must have First Aid and CPR Certifications 
    • Must complete DODD provider training and EVV training 
    • Must complete background check with Ohio Attorney General’s Office 

    *The participant can waive certain training requirements. They can also choose which requirements to waive. (Waived requirements are specific to each provider.) Participants can only waive options in PD-HPC-certifications. In typical HPC or other certifications, the provider needs to meet all the training requirements. 

  • How the Provider Is Paid

    Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The State pays the provider.

    Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The State pays the provider using GT Independence as an intermediary.

  • How Claims Are Submitted to DODD

    Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The provider must bill the State directly for any services provided.

    Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The provider submits time through the Caregiver app. GT then submits billing on their behalf.

  • How Taxes Are Handled

    Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The provider must withhold and pay their own taxes.

    Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care:
    GT Independence takes care of tax withholdings for the provider.

  • Who Maintains Documentation of Services Provided

    Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The provider must document the services provided. They must also document everything that the DODD requires for reports.

    Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care:
    The provider uses the GT Caregiver app to submit work shifts. GT Independence takes care of all documentation of services provided.

How to Apply for One of the Models

To apply, meet with your SSA (Service and Support Administrator) to talk about what services you need. You can then work with your SSA to choose the model of homemaker and personal care services that works best for you. Your SSA will perform an assessment. If they decide you need the services, your SSA will include it in your individual service plan.

If you pass the assessment for Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care, ask your SSA to enroll you with GT Independence. This means that GT Independence becomes your FMS (Financial Management Service). GT makes sure that all the required paperwork gets completed and keeps supporting identification on file. GT also pays your provider and withholds all appropriate taxes. 

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