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Participant-Directed Goods and Services

What is Participant-Directed Goods and Services (PDGS)?

Participant-direction helps people live the life they choose. That includes choosing vendors that best fit their preferences. With this service, you can get the services, equipment, or supplies you need. 

Participant-Directed Goods and Services (PDGS) is part of the Level One and SELF waivers. 

How to Apply for a Waiver Service

To choose a service, talk with your SSA (Service and Support Administrator) talk about what services you need. Your SSA will perform an assessment. Then, you can then work with your SSA to choose PDGS and get enrolled with GT Independence. 

As the FMS, GT Independence enrolls the vendors you want to work with. GT also makes sure that the vendors submit the correct documentation. This helps the goods and services authorized in the individual service plan get approved and paid for with fewer delays. 

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How Goods and Services (PDGS) Works 

The process for purchasing goods and the process for purchasing services is slightly different. Make sure to review each process and follow the required steps.

What People Can Purchase With PDGS

PDGS doesn’t have a set list of items it provides because everyone’s needs and resources are different. But the service, equipment, or supplies must meet these needs: 

  • It has to meet a need that an assessment showed 
  • It must help you directly, not others who help you 
  • It must be necessary for your health and safety, and something you can’t buy yourself 

It also must do at least one of the following: 

  • Lower your need for a different waiver service 
  • Help you be more active in your community 
  • Make your home safer 
  • Give you more freedom 
  • Make your thinking, social, or behavior skills better 
  • Help you improve personal, social, or physical skills 

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