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Self-Directed Transportation

What is the Self-Directed Transportation service?

Participant-direction helps people live the life they choose. This includes access to self-directed transportation services so you can go out into the community whenever you like.

In Ohio, you have several choices for transportation services. Ground transportation and mileage reimbursement are both part of Self-Directed Transportation and may be available with your authorized services.  

How to Apply for the Self-Directed Transportation Service

To choose a service, talk with your SSA (Service and Support Administrator) talk about what services you need. Your SSA will perform an assessment. Then, you can then work with your SSA to choose Self-Directed Transporation and get enrolled with GT Independence.

There are two types of Self-Directed Transportation. People who enroll can use one or both types of transportation.

How Self-Directed Transportation Works

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation involves transportation that is available to the public. GT provides participants with a self-directed transportation card or pre-loaded voucher. The participant can then use that voucher or card to buy authorized transportation services.  

GT can’t purchase gift cards for transportation services. But GT can directly purchase ground transportation on behalf of the participant.

Mileage/Trip Reimbursement 

In Ohio, you have several choices for transportation services. One of these ways is to get per trip and per mile services from people you know and trust. These could be friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors who are certified by GT Independence 

GT verifies the provider and helps them with the credentialing process. 

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