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Training to be a Self-Directed Caregiver

May 3, 2021

No matter what self-direction is called in your state, training is critical. And when it comes to serving as a self-directed care caregiver, it is important to be as prepared as possible. By completing caregiver training programs, you set up yourself—and your participant—for success.

The caregiver training programs go beyond things like giving medication or CPR. They include a range of activities to ensure that you understand and are prepared to follow government guidelines. You learn how to protect client information, and you learn how to avoid fraud, waste, and abuse.

Take training online. And on your time.

To help streamline the training process, all training is done online. This means training is available for potential caregivers virtually anywhere. As a caregiver, you will need to sign up for and complete the required training for your state program. When you are done, fill out and submit the following Attestation Form. At this point, you are qualified to begin providing self-directed care.

Training ensures you understand the rules and regulations that apply to caregiving in your state. And it helps prepare you to take good care of people that need you. For some trainings, renewal certification is required. Each state has its own guidelines, so make sure you understand the rules that apply where you live and work.

Enroll in GT’s Caregiver Training Program

Self-directed care is critical to ensuring all people can live the life they choose. Enroll in GT’s caregiver training program today. As a trained self-directed caregiver, you will play a critical role in supporting people of all ages and abilities in living life independently and actively.

For more information, please see below or contact GT customer service at 877-659-4500.

General Caregiver Training

General Employee TrainingsExpiration PeriodTraining Link
CPR and First AidAnnualVisit Training Website
Blood Borne PathogenAnnualView Training
HIPAA/ConfidentialityAnnualView Training
Person-Centered ThinkingAnnualView Training
Client RightsAnnualView Training

North Carolina Specific Trainings

To be a caregiver in North Carolina, you will need to complete NCI (alternatives to Restrictive interventions) and have an updated CPR training. You may also need to complete Medication Administration Training. This is important if you will be administering medication. To complete this training, review the list of approved instructors at the link below and schedule an appointment. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your training.

North Carolina Employee Trainings Expiration PeriodTraining Link
CPR and First Aid TrainingAnnualView Training Website
NCI (Alternatives to Restrictive Intervention)AnnualView Instructor List
Medication AdministrationAnnualView Instructor List