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Making Self-Direction Easy for You and Participants

Case Manager. Care Coordinator. Targeted Case Manager. Independent Living Specialist. No matter your title, we’re here for you. Always.

We Work Hard to Make Your Work Easy

At GT Independence, we work hard to make your work easy. When you are taking care of people and their self-direction plans, you need the tools and resources that are right for the job. We’re here to provide them for you—from a customized suite of reporting tools to customer service support that understands your unique needs.

Our financial management products and services were designed with input from everyone involved in self-direction. That includes case managers, participants, caregivers and agencies. For GT, people are at the center of everything we do, and the only thing we do is self-direction.

As a self-direction caregiver, you will help someone live life their way—on their terms. Being a caregiver is hard work, but it is tremendously rewarding. You will build personal connections that change lives. At GT, our job is to take care of the paperwork. We ensure that you get paid for your time and that the participant has all their needs met.

How We Help You Advocate

Custom Reporting Through the GT Portal

GT Portal is a secure online tool that is your customized reporting suite. You can access reports specific to your case load. Find calendar reports to review the services delivered to your participants. Confirm caregiver shifts, and pull up historical time sheets for audit purposes.

You can also set up alerts customized to your case load. Set important reminders to check on a participant’s health or to make sure other supports are being provided at just the right time.

Service That Exceeds Expectations

Our customer service team knows the importance of case managers in the self-direction process. We automatically route your calls through to dedicated specialists. They are knowledgeable about the rules of your specific program, state, or contract, and they strive to resolve issues the first time you call.

We Speak Your Language

GT serves a diverse group of people, and that fact is reflected in our multilingual customer service team. Our team includes people fluent in English and Spanish, but we offer more. We can support more than 200 languages on request, so we can help put people at ease by using their native language. And, we provide support how you want to receive it: by phone or by email. TTY is also available.

Find a Caregiver

When looking for caregivers for people who want to self-direct, look no further than the GT Portal. Through the portal, you have access to a caregiver directory with more than 30,000 qualified professionals ready to step in and help. You can review a caregiver’s training, certification, background check dates, languages, and contact information.

An App for Transparency

Caregiver by GT is a free app that is widely used by caregivers. It allows them to log their hours from anywhere they work, have completed shifts approved by participants, and submit their timesheets—all from a smartphone or tablet.

Caregiver by GT is easy to use, and it provides a window into the care your participants are receiving. It is EVV compliant, and it has been third-party tested for security and privacy. It also syncs with the GT Portal, your full reporting suite.

Learn About Self-Direction in Your State

The Portal

At GT, we want to make life easier by providing the right tools and resources for your important work. That’s why we designed the GT Portal with input from case managers and all our stakeholders. Through the portal, you have direct access to information for your case load alone. You can easily access all the reporting you need to make sure participants are staying within budget and following a personalized plan of care. Plus, the GT Portal is HIPAA-compliant and secure.

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The App

With the free Caregiver app by GT, caregivers can log care hours, get an employer’s approval for completed shifts, and submit their time sheets. All they need is a smartphone or tablet. Plus, Caregiver ties into the GT Portal, so you’ll know your participant is receiving the care they planned for.

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