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Veteran-Directed Care

About Veteran-Directed Care Services

Through the Veteran-Directed Care (VDC) program, you can choose what services or support you want. Whether you need full 24/7 assistance or simply some help around the house, you make the decisions. You can also choose people you trust to provide your support, including friends, family, and neighbors. Instead of moving into a nursing home or center, you can continue living independently and being involved in your community.

The VDC program is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Who VDC Serves

  • Veterans of all ages
  • Veterans who meet the clinical need of VDC

With VDC, You Can…

  • Self-direct your own long-term services
  • Manage your monthly budget
  • Decide which goods and services meet your needs
  • Hire and supervise your own caregivers, including friends and family
  • Schedule when and where you receive your services
  • Have access to an options counselor for help with planning and coordination
  • Continue to live independently in your own home
  • Choose a representative to manage your support on your behalf

How GT Independence Supports You

At GT Independence, we believe you should be able to live life on your own terms. As a family-owned and disability-led financial management service (FMS), we’ve sat on your side of the table. And our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to control who delivers your support and how that support is delivered.

As your advocates for VDC, we’re here to help you live the life you choose. We do this by:

  • An online portal with easy-to-read reports 
  • A simple enrollment process for you and your caregivers
  • An app to track time and submit timesheets 
  • Tax specialists on hand to file your taxes for you
  • Dedicated support specialists who know and understand you and your program
  • More than 15 years supporting families  
  • CARF accredited financial management services (FMS)

Ready to direct your services?

To learn if the VDC program is available nearby or if you want to know if you are eligible, you can start with your local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Or, get in touch with the support specialist team at GT Independence.

Toll-free: 1.877.659.4500