Week 1 Entries

GT Care Awards 2021

Thank You, Caregivers

*More photos coming soon

A special thank you to every caregiver and participant who took part in Week 1 of the GT Care Awards. Your stories have touched many hearts. We are so grateful for you and the work that you do.

Thank you for submitting over 230 stories and pictures for Week 1 of the GT Care Awards! Here are some highlights–with more coming soon.

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A mom stands beside a young man in a wheelchair. A white dog stands beside them.

Kim T.

Chase nominated his mom Kim. Chase says, “She has been my caregiver for my whole life. But in 2019 she went far beyond my expectations when she decided to help me attend college. I am expecting to graduate in the spring and this would never have been possible without her.”
A tall man with a sweat shirt and ballcap stands outside next to his sister, a young girl with a disability.

Jason L.

Jason Lanigan is nominated for being incredible. Words can’t begin to describe how amazing he is. Mary says, “He is our gentle giant! Watching him care for his teen sister and how gentle and caring he is with her makes your eyes tear up. Even though he has own special needs son, he is still there for his sister with open arms!”
A young woman pauses her exercising to smile at the camera. She wears her hair up in a bun.

CJ Schmidt

Cj is nominated for not only takes care of Kellie, the pets, and the house, but also doing it all in love with a smile. Kellie says, “I am so thankful for the joy she brings to the home and for the good healthcare I receive. I am most blessed.”
A young woman smiles as she leans in for a picture with a young man with a disability, who lays on a cot.

Jillian P.

Jillian is nominated for being an incredible caregiver for Isaac. They love to bake together, play games, do crafts and go shopping. She is his favorite person to hang out with. Deb says, “We are so thankful that, even though she is now a NICU nurse, she still takes time to help care for her brother.”
Two people in a sports stadium. Both wear white and red sports jerseys.

Rick R.

Rick is nominated because not only does he go above and beyond, he makes Tracy the happiest person alive. He above all makes sure Tracy is happy and that she’s loving and living the best life she possibly can. Even when he is exhausted, sick, or in pain, he is ALWAYS there for her, no matter what.
A Black woman with a mask holds a young boy in a hospital room. Both are smiling

Jacqueline R.

Jaqueline R. was nominated by Erin for being her son’s caregiver. Erin says, “She is kind, patient, and nurturing, and was brought into our lives at EXACTLY the right time. Ms. Jackie lovingly pushes Spencer to try new things and be more independent. “Caregiver” is not a strong enough word to describe her, she is family.”
Two young people swim in a pool together with flotation devices.

Mariya N.

Mariya N. is nominated for being caring, very observant, kind and is always ready provide the best care for Lauren. They go exercise and swimming together. She initiates taking Lauren eat out, go to the mall, ride Lauren’s bike. Thanks to her, Lauren’s health has improved, and she is able to do many things on a consistent basis. Mariya has been an answered prayer.
A woman with long blond hair and glasses. She has a olive green shirt on.

Deanna L.

Deanna L. is nominated for being the most selfless, caring, and dependable caregiver Gwen has ever had. In a year and a half, she has never called out or missed a shift. She has never made Gwen feel like a job! She is patient and helps Gwen feel like she still has dignity, even with her limitations. The world needs more people like Deanna!
An older person with white hair smiles beside a young woman with pink hair.

Nayelis H.

Nayelis is nominated for caring for her grandmother Nelida. Nayelis says, “Thanks to GT, I’ve been able to care for her at home for 6 years now. The level of care I can provide to her is superior to that of any nursing home. GT has allowed me to be by her side during the most difficult years of her Alzheimer’s disease. It’s come with great personal sacrifices and many tears along the way, but also the joy of knowing I’m here for her.”
Two Black women smile, one older with gray hair and the other younger with short curly hair. A laughing young man photobombs from behind.

Marcia R.

Marcia is nominated for taking care of Thawana. She stepped up to help with her mom full time and helps her mom keep her independence and stay at home. GT Independence, thank you for making it possible for my sister to continue doing it full time.
Two people take a selfie over ice cream. One is a woman with dark hair. The other a gentleman with short gray hair.

Lisbeth G.

Juan dice: “Nomino a mi cuidadora, Lisbeth González que hace un trabajo extraordinario. Es un gran ser humano con muchas cualidades. Lo más importante es que es cariñosa y muy atenta. Siempre pendiente de mí. Me ayuda en todo. Lo necesito. Ella me necesita y me lleva y me lleva al médico, ¡y realmente hace un gran trabajo! ”