GT IndependenceGT Care Awards 2021

It’s Time for the GT Care Awards

In Honor of National Family Caregivers Month

Thank you, caregivers. It’s our turn to give back to you.

Every November, we celebrate and recognize family caregivers and support coordinators with our Wall of Thanks. Each week during November, we’ll randomly choose 4 caregivers from the Wall of Thanks who will receive a certificate of thanks and a $100 cash award.

Here at GT, we recognize that caregivers and support coordinators play a critical role in helping us and our loved ones receive the care we need to live the life we choose. Read the stories about how caregivers are changing lives for the better.

“Valerie goes beyond the call of duty. She’s more than a caregiver, we consider her family. She so trustworthy, loving, caring, and selfless person. She has been here through the pandemic, and anything else this year has put on us. Don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for her. I was doing it all myself until she came along….”

– Ginger (Participant), 2020 GT Care Awards

How to Nominate a Caregiver and Join the Wall of Thanks

Starting Nov. 1 through Nov. 29, we will randomly select four caregivers/support coordinators a week from the Wall of Thanks. Winning caregivers will receive a certificate of thanks and a $100 cash award.

Entrants who do not win one week may enter another week, but no one may win more than one prize.

Step 1

Reply to the weekly GT Independence Facebook post with a photo of the caregiver being nominated. If you’re a caregiver or support coordinator, you can also nominate yourself.

Step 2

In the post, write why you’re thankful for your caregiver or support coordinator. If you’re a caregiver, write about why you’re thankful for your job.

(Read the official rules and legal information)

Wall of Thanks

2020 GT Care Awards Highlights

200 + Stories Shared
16 Winners
$1600 Awarded

Read Some of 2020’s Caregiver Nominations

2020 was a tough year, but we still found ways to celebrate the people who mean so much to us.

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Gale D.

Gale was nominated for taking care of her mother and keeping her safe. Gale takes her mother to doctors’ offices and shopping at Pandora. They always have a great time.

Emily J.

Emily was nominated because of the services she provides her mom, Laura. Emily says, “From a very young age I have cared for my mother. She is not only my mom, but also my best friend. She has fought for her life to be able to watch me grow. The relationship we share is one of a kind. I need her just as much as she needs me. My life is of complete devotion to her and her needs, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am beyond thankful that GT Independence has given me the opportunity to continue to support her needs.”
two friends sit side by side at a picnic table, both smiling widely

Cheryl B.

Cheryl was nominated by Lindsey because She is awesome! She has cared for me for about 16 years along with her daycare kids. Coming to her home is the highlight of my week!! She makes me feel loved and special always!
A Black man sits beside a young girl with a disability, talking to her gently as the girl smiles

James N.

James was nominated by Sheree for the services he provides KayDence. Sheree says James “…takes his time and is highly patient with her. With her endless challenges he has never ever questioned his role. He put our minds at ease from the moment he took on this superhero task. He has been working with her for some time now and has grown to be an important fixture in our lives and home. He really does put the CARE in caregiver.
A older woman in a red scarf with a younger woman leaning in beside her with brown hair pulled back. Both smile broadly.

Clarissa Z.

Clarissa is a caregiver to her mother. She says, “I will gladly take care of her for the rest of her life. I’m also a mom of a 14-year-old son who is so compassionate and caring that I think he wants to care for elders when he is older. He watches me, helps me, and he loves it. I’m glad I found out about GT Independence. It has been the best thing in the last few years for us.
Two people with short brown hair and jackets smile as they stand side-by-side

Lora R.

Lora is nominated for being a caregiver to Vincent. Vincent’s sister says, “My brother suffers from TBI from a car crash that changed all of our lives in an instant. Lora has been Vincent’s caretaker for over five years now and I couldn’t ask for any better person to take care of my brother. She has always gone above and beyond her role as a caregiver and could never be replaced. She has been an angel sent from heaven. Thank you, Lora, for all you do.”
A young Black woman holds a young boy with a disability on her lap in a doctor's office. Both smile at each other.

Siobohn J.

Siobohn is nominated by her mother. She says, “If all care giving professionals had the heart and soul of my daughter the world would be healed. I’m not saying these things because she is my daughter. Anyone she has ever cared for–her family, friends, employers–would all have the same sentiment. Now I could go on for days about this amazing young lady, but I will end by saying that if I’m ever on my sick or death bed, I pray that my healthcare team has my daughter’s heart and soul. I love you, Siobohn.”
A grandmother with shoulder-length blond hair and a blue shirt, stands side by side with her curly haired, teenage grandson. Both smile.

Joshua B.

Joshua was nominated for being a caregiver to his grandmother. He is kind and takes his job very seriously. His grandmother says, “Joshua is the reason that I am able to live at home. He assists me with mobility and is quite a cook. My life has quality and independence because of Joshua. He stepped up to the plate when I needed him the most.”
Two sisters hug and smile. One has short hair and a disability, while the other has her curly hair tied back in a pony tail.

Omayra B.

Omayra is the caregiver to her sister Myrta. She is thankful to GT Independence for helping her achieve her sister’s every day living care. She says, “My sister Myrta is a blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Keith K.

Keith has been nominated for being his dad’s caregiver, who Keith calls his “best friend and a true America Hero.”
two older woman sit together in a doctor's office waiting room, both smiling behind their masks

Wanda B.

Wanda was nominated by Patricia because She is an amazing caregiver she goes above and beyond what is expected of her she’s always coming up with creative ideas to make things work for the best. She just loves showing love to others.

Hannah Mae

Hannah Mae was nominated by Catherine and Drew for “taking care of Brooks since he got out of the NICU. He has thrived in her care.”

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