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In Honor of National Family Caregivers Month

Thank you, caregivers, for this chance to give back.

Every November, we celebrate and recognize family caregivers and support coordinators with our Wall of Thanks. Each week during November, we randomly choose 4 caregivers from the Wall of Thanks who receive a $100 cash award.

Here at GT, we recognize that caregivers and support coordinators play a critical role in helping us and our loved ones receive the care we need to live the life we choose. Read the stories about how caregivers are changing lives for the better.

GT Care Awards 2021

550+ Stories Submitted
16 Winners
$1600 Rewarded

“Valerie goes beyond the call of duty. She’s more than a caregiver, we consider her family. She so trustworthy, loving, caring, and selfless person. She has been here through the pandemic, and anything else this year has put on us. Don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for her. I was doing it all myself until she came along….”

– Ginger (Participant), 2020 GT Care Awards

Week 1 Winners

Thank you for sharing over 230 incredible stories for Week 1! And congratulation for our four winners, chosen randomly from our list of entries! Check out the winners, and make sure to look at the Week 1 entries.

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Alice poses with her participant in front of a large "Make a Wish" truck. They all smile happily. Text on screen says, "Chase nominated his mom Kim. Chase says, "She has been my caregiver for my whole life. But in 2019 she went far beyond my expectations when she decided to help me attend college. I am expecting to graduate in the spring and this would never have been possible without her."
Chris has a peppered beard and a gray shirt. His wife Heidi has brown hair, glasses, and wears a hospital gown. Text says, "Heidi would like to nominate her husband Chris Schleyer. After head-on car crash right before their wedding, Heidi was bedridden for months. Heidi says, "This man never complained of anything and always was there for me with a smile on his face. I could not ask for a more caring, more compassionate, more loving man."
Daniel holds a granddaugher and smiles. He has a mustache, a gray hoodie, and a baseball cap. Text says, "Daniel is nominated for being Maureen's caregiver. Maureen says, "I count on him for so much and he is always there for me without any complaints. He drives me to all of my many appointments, does all of the shopping, and all of the laundry and housekeeping. The role he has taken as my caregiver is not an easy one, but he makes it seem effortless. Besides being my caregiver, he has been my husband for 40+ years, and my best friend!"
A young Black woman in a wheelchair with a big smile. Her caregiver KeSean stands behind her. Text says, "KeSean is nominated by Aretha for taking care of her daughter, Lauren. Aretha says, "He is kind and makes sure she is at the bus stop every morning. Between his college classes he helps Lauren with her assignments, physical therapy, and prepares her meals."

Week 2 Winners

Thank you for sharing over 100 beautiful stories for Week 2! A warm congrats to all our winners, chosen at random from our list of entries! Check them out, and make sure to take a look at the Week 2 entries.

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A Black Man helps an older Black Woman into a car. Text says, "Adriane nominates her husband Lindsay. Adriane says, “My mom (age 81) moved in with us and she requires 24-hour care. Lindsay is truly 50/50 in this journey with us and has been since she began declining. He makes sure she gets to all of her appointments and even plays her favorite Motown hits during the trip!”
A woman with curly hair sits on a pile of logs next to a young boy wearing a baseball cap. The oncreen text says, "Karen Ann nominates Sarah for being Jack's caregiver. Karen says, “She is a blessing to our family. I don’t know what we would do without her. She takes care of our autistic child and she does such a wonderful job. She has been with us for 4 years now. She is a part of our family, and Jack just loves her – and so do we.”
Two people stand side by side with string lights behind him. They both wear orange shirts. "Crystal nominates Rebecca. Crystal say, "She is my daughter and has been my mother's caregiver for years. She is the most selfless, giving person I know. She always goes above and beyond for not only my mother, but for everyone she loves. She is a nurse, a cook, a companion, a housekeeper, and so much more. On top of all of that, she is my mom's biggest advocate. I often call her our family angel because she has rescued so many of us. There is no one more deserving than her."
A middle-aged Black man sits on a couch. Text says, "Sheree nominates James. Sheree says, “James is incredibly compassionate and patient with KayDence. He constantly reads up on her condition and always comes up with the best games with her. She adores him and so do we.”

Week 3 Winners

Thank you for sharing over 60 awesome stories for Week 3! We’re so grateful for everyone who entered. A special congratulations to all our winners, chosen at random from our list of entries! Take a look, and make sure to check out the Week 3 entries.

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Week 4 Winners

Thank you for sharing over 160 awesome stories for Week 4! Everyone made this year’s GT Care Awards so special. Congratulations to all our winners, chosen at random from our list of entries. Make sure to read their stories and take a look at the Week 4 entry highlights.

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