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GT Community: Lois and Sherri of North Carolina

September 25, 2023

GT Community: Lois and Sherri of North Carolina

We value making space for the people we serve to tell their own stories. This is the story of Lois, and her daughter Sherri, of North Carolina. They started self-directing with GT in 2021 and used it until her passing on June 4, 2023. In this post, you can hear about their experience in their own words.

Meet Lois and Sherri

Lois met her late husband, Marshall, on a blind date. Together they raised two children, Sherri and Reggie, in North Carolina. Their home was always filled with music, which helped Reggie become a guitarist for the Billy Crash Craddock Band, and Sherri to become an avid ballroom dancer. Lois loved singing, writing poetry, her family, and spending time in nature. Her faith was also very important to her.

Sherri is the founder of Shared Radiance Performing Arts Company. Prior to that, she was a public school teacher for 25 years. She was also her mother’s primary care provider for several years.

Lois’ Care Needs

As Lois aged, she began to need help around the house. Marshall did his best to help her despite his own health challenges. Eventually, Marshall and Sherri were privately funding night help, but paying for it was taxing. After Marshall passed away in 2015, Lois and her cat moved in with Sherri and her husband, Steve.

How Self-Direction Helped Lois

Lois lived in her daughter’s home, rather than in a group home or other facility, because of self-direction. And, she was able to get the level of care she needed.

Sherri was able to pay people she trusted, including her friend from middle school, to help Lois. This allowed her the freedom to spend more quality time with her mom. They were able to sing and dance together around the house. Lois was also able to continue taking walks outside, which she loved.

Lois was able to live a life supported by loved ones and people who truly cared about her. She passed away at home on June 4, 2023, surrounded by her family.

I have self-direction. I can run my theater company, I can live my life, and my mom’s happy.


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