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Hello From Megan Owen. Chief Operating Officer at GT.

August 17, 2021

If you’ve connected with GT over the past decade, chances are you’ve met Megan Owen. Megan was GT’s Senior Director of Operations. Now she’s GT’s new Chief Operating Officer, taking the reigns from Holly Carmichael (now our CEO). And after working alongside Holly for many years, Megan is primed for this new responsibility.

Megan’s GT Story

Megan joined GT in 2011. Since then, she has endlessly worked to remove barriers for people who choose to self-direct. She does so through close attention to detail–and by ensuring compliance with contracts and programs.

Megan’s talent for details also carries into the big picture. She has the incredible ability to find the heart of any challenge that comes up in operations for any of GT’s partners. And once she understands the heart, she brings together the team to find the best solution. And, of course, executes that solution flawlessly.

Born to Lead. Born to Succeed.

Megan’s skills and expertise have carried her through the ranks at GT. Before her promotion, she was leading a team of more than 330 employees. She and her staff managed more than 150 self-determination programs—across 12 states—funded by Medicaid. Her team reviewed eligibility, processed claims, and tracked utilization management.

As COO, Megan is determined to use her talents to keep improving the lives of people, no matter their age or ability.

Looking to the Future

As COO, Megan will take over many of Holly’s previous responsibilities. This includes developing long-range objectives, plans, and programs for the markets that GT serves. Megan will also create and put in place policies that keep improving customer relations. All while exploring ways to make the best use of information technology to improve operations.

Her goal is to ensure that GT provides the highest quality services while being a strong advocate for people of all ages and abilities.