Services My Way (SMW)

For the Elderly and Persons With Disabilities (EPD)

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What is Services My Way in DC?

The Services My Way program supports adults with disabilities (age 18+) and people over the age of 65. It helps you live a more independent life. Instead of going to a nursing home, you can stay in your own home and community. All while getting the support you need to live your life and reach your goals. You can also decide who to hire to help you. This includes family members (excluding spouses).  

The goal of Services My Way is to help people increase their independence. All so they can live the life they choose for themselves.

Services My Way Involves Two Waiver Services

Participant-Directed Community Supports
This service means that the participant or their representative is the employer of their participant directed worker (PDW).

Individual Directed Goods and Services
This includes services, equipment, or supplies that aren’t provided by the EPD Waiver or state plan. To purchase goods and services, everything purchased must meet a clear need in the particpant’s person-centered plan (PCP).

To Enroll in Services My Way, You Must Be…

  • A person 65+ years of age or a person with a disability 18+ years of age
  • A resident of DC who lives in your natural home
  • A UnitedHealthcare (UHC) enrollee who is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

With Service My Way, You Can Get…

  • Hire, manage, and fire caregivers  
  • Pay caregivers very competitive wages  
  • Set a schedule for caregivers that meets your needs  
  • Decide what type of training your caregivers will need  
  • Submit timesheets from your devices 
  • Follow state rules and requirements, like electronic visit verification (EVV) 
  • Get support services in your own home and community   
  • Live independently 

How GT Supports You as an FMS With Service My Way

At GT Independence, we believe you should be able to experience life on your own terms. As a family-owned and disability-led financial management service (FMS) and support broker, we help you manage your services.  In the Services My Way program, you control your care. We take care of the details. This includes all the paperwork, like taxes and payments to your workers. We also handle all background screenings for your workers. Our goal is to give you the support you need to self-direct your own care. 

As your advocates, we’re here to help you live the life you choose. We do this by:

  • Simple e-enrollment process
  • Online portal with easy-to-read monthly budget reports 
  • Free app to track time and submit timesheets 
  • Support specialists ready to help with questions
  • Online Find a Caregiver directory 
  • Processing payroll and payments to workers 
  • 17+ years serving the aging and disability communities  
  • CARF-accredited financial management service 

How GT Supports You as Your Support Broker in Services My Way

In Services My Way, you get additional support on top of the normal FMS services. Self-directing your own care means that you’re a boss with workers (your caregivers) under you. This means there’s some training that comes with the job. You’ll also need to create a budget, set goals, and monitor your spending. As your support broker, GT is here to help every step of the way.  

During Your Enrollment, We Help You…

  • Brainstorm and plan your services
  • Learn the program rules
  • Develop your budget
  • Learn skills for hiring and managing workers

After Your Enrollment, We Help you… 

  • Hire and manage workers 
  • Develop backup plans 
  • Find community resources 
  • Keep spending within the budget 

Want to get started?

As your FMS and support broker, GT can help you receive high-quality care in your own home with Services My Way. All without the high costs of group homes and traditional providers. For more information, please contact your case manager. Or get in touch with us at GT Independence. 

Phone (toll-free): 877.659.4500

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