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Home and Community Based Services for Adults with Brain Injury

HCBS for Adults with Brain Injury Overview

This program supports adults (age 18 and older) who have brain injuries. With this program, you can stay in your own home and community while getting the support services you need. Plus, you are the one to manage your employees and your care. That means you can live a more independent life. To join this program, you must meet the eligibility requirements—which include a Medical Eligibility Determination (MED) assessment. 

Who the Program Name Serves

  • Adults over the age of 18 years old with a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury
  • Adults who qualify for care in an intermediate care facility or nursing facility, but want to live in the community
  • Adults eligible for Maine Medicaid

With HCBS for Adults with Brain Injury, You Can…

  • Hire, manage, and fire caregivers 
  • Pay caregivers very competitive wages 
  • Set a schedule for caregivers that meets your needs 
  • Decide what type of training your caregivers will need 
  • Submit timesheets from your devices
  • Follow state rules and requirements, like electronic visit verification (EVV)
  • Get support services in your own home and community  
  • Live independently 

How GT Independence Supports You

At GT, we believe that you should have the freedom to choose how to live your life. This includes choosing who provides your needed support services. 

We take a person-centered approach for your financial management services here at GT. This means we work hard to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. As your advocates, we’re here to help you live the life you choose. We do this by:

  • Coordinating all enrollment paperwork
  • Conducting all required caregiver background checks
  • Handling time tracking, tax filings, and insurance concerns 
  • Processing payroll and issuing caregiver payments
  • Assisting members in verifying caregiver citizenship status 
  • Establishing and maintaining member files
  • Helping to answer questions and resolve complaints

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If you’re ready to self-direct your services or know someone who is, it’s easy to get started. Just fill out our simple referral form.

Get in Touch

A fiscal intermediary like GT can help you receive high-quality care in your own home—without the high costs of assisted living, nursing homes, or traditional care providers. For more information, please contact your Service Coordination Agency. Or, get in touch with us at GT Independence.

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