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Want to pay your employees more?

When it comes to paying your employees more and making your budget go further, we have your back. And you also get support to help make your self-direction journey frustration-free.  

Your life. Your choice. Your benefits. 

If you’re ready to work with an FMCS (Financial Management and Counseling Services) that always puts you first, welcome home.

Here Are a Few Ways We Work in Your Favor

  • Get More Out of Your Budget

    Our PMPM (per member per month) cost is substantially lower than some of our competitors. And you get more services for that cost, delivered from an FMS that puts you first. 

  • Pay Your Employees More

    Your employees are important, and they deserve competitive wages. With GT, you can pay your employees more than our competitors.

  • Work With a Team that Knows You

    Work with a team of support specialists who understand your situation and waivers. You’ll always work with the same pod, so you’ll get to know them by name. We also offer language support and translation services at no cost to you.   

  • Get 18+ Years of Self-Direction Experience

    We started as a family looking for what’s best for our kids. Now we’re a national financial management service—with our hearts still in the same place. You deserve resources and tools that make self-direction so much easier. And we’re making it happen. 

  • Enroll the Way You Want

    Choose between in-person or virtual enrollment, depending on your personal preferences. 

Pay us less. Pay your employees more.  

“What do I get for a monthly cost?” The answer is a whole lot of everything.

Customer Support 

Experience a person-centered enrollment that can be in-person or virtual 

Get questions answered in under 24 hours

Get the phone answered in under 30 seconds  

Budget Support 

Pay your employees more. If another FMS pays more, we’ll match the price.

Get counseling from specialists who know your waivers

Tech Made Simple

GT Portal – Sign off on timesheets and check your budget reports  

GT Caregiver app – A time-tracking (EVV) compliant app designed for self-direction lifestyles 

I’m interested in enrolling with GT, and I have questions. 

I want to learn more about self-direction in Maryland. 

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