Project SEARCH

What is Project SEARCH? 

Project SEARCH started in 1996 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The hospital cared for young people with disabilities, and it needed workers in many areas. Hiring people with disabilities became a commitment. 

Today, Project SEARCH helps young people as they grow into adults, and it has 30 locations in Wisconsin. The one-year program gives you real-life work experience, classroom training, and skill developments. As an Intern, your goals are to explore career opportunities and gain experience. Once you finish the program, you should be ready to join the workforce. Project SEARCH has 30 locations in Wisconsin. 

Who Project SEARCH Serves

Project SEARCH helps you as you move from high school to the responsibilities of adult life. It serves:

  • Students in their last year of high school eligibility (some work sites do take young adults who have finished high school) 
  • Students with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Students eligible for services with the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

To learn how and when you can apply, click here.  

With Project SEARCH, Interns Can…

  • Learn new skills that will help you in the job market
  • Explore career choices you have
  • Gain real-life work experience
  • Make connections in the community and build your network

With Project SEARCH, Businesses Can… 

  • Support diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Change attitudes about hiring people with disabilities
  • Bring new perspectives to the workplace

How GT Independence Supports Project SEARCH in La Crosse WI

GT Independence is a partner in the Project SEARCH program in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We provide a Skills Trainer who helps the Interns and the Project SEARCH Instructor. 

For questions about Project SEARCH, please call GT Independence toll-free at 877.659.4500. Or, email