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How do I hire long-term services for myself or a loved one?

With Self-Directed Services (SDS), you have the right to live the life you choose—right in your own home and community, no matter your age or ability.

Everyone’s situation is different. For some, SDS means the ability to receive services and support from a loved one. For others, it’s supporting parents so that they can care for children with disabilities. Or, it may simply be that as you get older you want to continue living where you choose and get care from someone you trust. No matter your situation, SDS helps you get the long-term care services that are right for you.

People choose SDS to manage their care for many reasons. GT Independence is here to support your decision. You make all the important choices—like who to hire and when to schedule your support. We take care of the details and are here to answer questions you may have.

In Wisconsin, GT Independence works with these programs:

  • Family Care—F/EA Services
  • IRIS Program
  • Family Care—PACE
  • Family Care—Partnership
  • Family Care—Community Supported Living
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Project SEARCH

You deserve to live the life you choose. GT is here to make that easier.

How GT Independence Can Help You

GT Independence is a fiscal employer agent (F/EA) company that helps you live a life of your choosing. You decide what kind of support you want; we handle everything else. For example, you hire employees (also known as caregivers) you know and trust. We support you by taking care of all the necessary details, such as time submission, payroll, taxes, and insurance.

At GT, we believe everyone should be able to decide where to live and who provides their care. Through Self-Directed Services (SDS), they can. Each person has a unique situation and personalized needs. GT is here to help you learn about how SDS works in Wisconsin, so you have the information to decide what is best for you.

Want to Know How to Get Started?

Understand Your Long-Term Care Options

Why Choose GT?

  • We’ve Been In Your Shoes

    People with disabilities own and lead GT, and we have focused on self-direction since our start in 2004. In Wisconsin, you know self-direction as Self-Directed Services, or SDS. We understand that SDS for your care can feel complicated, but we are here to walk you through the process—from start to support.

  • Self-Directed Services Are All We Do

    GT is an F/EA that focuses all our attention on one thing: self-direction. Our people understand how programs work in Wisconsin and in states all across the country. We serve thousands of people nationwide, helping each person live the life of their choosing.

  • Customer Service That Cares About You

    Our customer service team is here to help you live life on your terms. Your local Wisconsin team is trained on your state’s programs. This ensures you always have access to the resources you need to make informed decisions. Plus, we can support more than 200 languages on request.

    At GT, we’re ready to assist the people we serve and their employees. We’re also here for consultants, case managers, family members, and other people involved in care and support.

  • Tools and Resources Designed for the Details

    GT has designed many tools to help manage the details of SDS. A secure online portal helps participants and their families keep track of services and spending. And the Caregiver app by GT lets direct service workers log their hours, check the approval status of their time entries, and stay compliant with electronic visit verification (EVV). We take care of the details, so you can focus on living your life.

“It’s just so wonderful to see how something such as Self-Directed Services (SDS) can keep a family together…. It would not be possible without a company like GT Independence.”

Care Manager

Find a Program

Family Care – F/EA Services

Family Care is a long-term care program for adults with physical, developmental, and/or intellectual disabilities. With Family Care, you can receive the services and supports you need to live in your own home and community. The program is funded by Medicaid and is available statewide.

About EVV for Family Care

IRIS Program

IRIS stands for “Include, Respect, I Self-Direct.” The program is for adults who are frail or have disabilities and who would need the type of care provided in nursing homes. By participating in this program, you can get quality care in your own home and community.

About EVV for IRIS

Family Care – PACE

Through PACE, you have a team of health professionals working with you and your family to create a plan for your care. You might work with them at your local PACE center, and you may have services brought into your home.

About EVV for Family Care

Family Care – Partnership

With the Partnership program, you have a team of professionals who help manage your health and your long-term care services together. You decide what those services will look like and who will deliver them (and when and where).

About EVV for Family Care

Community Supported Living

With Community Supported Living (CSL), you or your loved one can live independently in your own home. And get the support that’s tailored to your unique needs by creating a support plan that fits your life. 

Special Needs Trust

The Special Needs Trust is a legal arrangement. It lets you have access to public assistance programs, while also providing some private funds to help with long-term care services.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH helps students with disabilities transition from high school to adult life. It is an internship program for students who are in their last year of high school eligibility (often aged 21). You get real-life work experience and classroom training to prepare for joining the workforce.

Three Steps to Get Started

  1. Contact your local ADRC (Aging Disability Resource Center)

  2. Work with your local ADRC to determine your eligibility and choose the program that meets your needs

  3. Choose GT Independence as your fiscal employer agent (F/EA) provider and begin self-directing care.

*Your eligibility does not depend on immigration status. Contact your regional center or GT for more information. Undocumented residents can get benefits.

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Vicky Gunderson

Director of Relationships

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Darcie Marks

Community Supported Living Director

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