With Self-Direction, You’re the Boss

You know you best, so you make the important decisions. We’re just here to help.

Learn About Long-Term Care and Supports

With self-direction, you have the right to live the life you choose—right in your own home and community, no matter your age or ability. But, self-direction looks different in every state, so how you self-direct your care depends on where you live.

GT can help you learn about how self-direction works in your state, so you have the information to decide what is best for you.

Why self-direction?

At GT Independence, we understand that no one knows you better than you do. That is why we work to provide you with all the tools and resources to control your own long-term support. You make all the important choices—like who to hire, when to schedule support, how to manage your care, and even who to fire if things aren’t working out.

What do we do? We take care of the administrative details, such as new employee paperwork, taxes, and paychecks. Plus, we’re here to answer all your self-direction questions.

Self-direction might look different from state to state. But one thing never changes: at GT, we’re your dedicated support team for self-directed care. No matter what.

What You Can Do With Self-Direction

Keep Your Lifestyle

With self-direction, you don’t have to worry about changing your familiar surroundings. You can remain in your own home and stay involved in your community

Choose Your Caregivers

Hire people you trust (depending on your state, this could even be family). With self-direction, you may be able to offer a higher hourly pay rate and get higher quality care than with traditional care options.

Decide How, When, and Where You Get Care

You know yourself best. With self-direction, you’re in charge. Set up your care based on what you prefer.

Your Care. Your Way.

With self-direction, you get care how, when, and where you want it.

  • Care Done Your Way

    Tell your caregiver how you want your care and support provided. Your caregiver is there to help you live the life you choose.

  • Stay Active in Your Community

    Stay in your comfortable and familiar surroundings. Socialize, volunteer and work the way you want. Self-direction by GT supports you in aging, living life, and finding joy in your own way.

  • Enjoy People in Your Life

    Many people grow to trust their caregivers and form strong friendships. These bonds can help everyone feel more positive about life and their well-being.

  • Transportation

    Never miss an appointment again. With self-direction by GT, you can hire a caregiver to drive you to doctor visits or pick up prescriptions.

  • Personal Care

    Hire caregivers who can help you live life your way. That may mean someone to help with personal hygiene, preparing meals, or handling chores around the house. Self-direction should make life easier. What it looks like is up to you.

  • Paperwork Peace of Mind

    GT’s services help make self-direction easy. You call the shots on your care. We take care of the details. We help with background checks, paychecks, and more. Our job is to take away the stress and worry about keeping paperwork in order.

  • Your Own Support Plan

    With GT, you get a care plan that is made for you and you alone. You decide the type of care and support you want.

  • Total Freedom

    You can hire (and fire!) the caregiver you want at any time. Plus, you can set up a support schedule that works for your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Self-Direction in Your State

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The Portal

GT Portal makes self-direction easy. And it helps you stay up-to-date and make informed decisions. Everything you want to manage your care is at your fingertips. This includes caregiver timesheets, budget reports, notifications, tools and resources, language services, and much more. The GT Portal is available on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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The App

With the Caregiver app by GT Independence, your caregiver can start and end work from anywhere you choose. You can also approve completed shifts from your caregiver’s app. The Caregiver app works with a smartphone and a tablet.

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