Help People Live a Life of Their Choosing

Help People Live Life On Their Terms

With self-directed care, people have the right to live the life they choose. Self-direction is for people of all ages and abilities, from those who wants to age at home to people with disabilities. Everyone gets to decide who provides their long-term care and how and when it is received.

As a self-direction caregiver, you will help people live life on their terms. This means you may provide care to people right in their own home or while they are out in their community. Or, you may simply provide reliable transportation to and from appointments. Self-direction looks different for every individual. It also looks different in every state.

Who can serve as a caregiver?

If you are supporting a person with disabilities or who is aging in place, you may qualify to earn pay as a caregiver. In some states, a person who is self-directing their long-term care—called a “participant”—can choose to hire family and friends. Oftentimes, loved ones are already serving in similar roles.

GT Independence can help you learn about how self-direction works in your state. Together, we can determine if the support you provide qualifies for self-direction. And, we can show you how to earn a paycheck and employment benefits as a caregiver.

As a self-direction caregiver, you will help someone live life their way—on their terms. Being a caregiver is hard work, but it is tremendously rewarding. You will build personal connections that change lives. At GT, our job is to take care of the paperwork. We ensure that you get paid for your time and that the participant has all their needs met.

Advantages of Serving as a Self-Direction Caregiver

Easy Time-Tracking

With the Caregiver app by GT, you can start and end work from anywhere your participant wants. You can get shifts approved with a quick, on-screen signature from your participant. Our customer service team uses the app to track their own time, too. They’re always ready to offer support, even with the smallest details.

Get Paid on Time

When it comes to getting paid, we’re your advocate—no matter what. Get notified if there’s a problem with your timesheet entries or if your training status affects your paycheck approval. Stay up-to-date so you can avoid problems and get paid on time.

Create Flexible Schedules

Work with your participant to create a flexible schedule that meets both of your needs. By supporting someone you trust, you can work in a more relaxed environment than in traditional agencies.

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The Portal

The GT Portal offers you essential features that make providing self-directed services easier, like access to your paystubs. The portal is available online from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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The App

With the free Caregiver app by GT, you can log care hours from anywhere you start and end work. Your employer can also approve completed shifts from your app. The Caregiver app works with a smartphone and a tablet.

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