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3 Basic Services Every F/EA Should Provide for MCOs

November 11, 2021

When it comes to any part of healthcare, we all agree: the people we serve deserve the best health outcomes. And when it comes to the participant-directed option (PDO), we all believe that the people we serve deserve the best health outcomes right in their own homes and communities. But making sure this happens takes some work, and a close partnership between managed care organizations (MCOs) and F/EAs (fiscal/employer agents) is absolutely necessary.

As an MCO, you probably want to work with an F/EA that sees both you and the people you serve as priorities. It’s a given that your F/EA should give you all the tools, resources, and data you need to make informed decisions.

So, let’s dig into the three basic services every  F/EA should provide for a solid partnership with their MCO.

3 Basic Services Every F/EA Should Provide 

1. Service That Exceeds Expectations

Your F/EA should collaborate with you on every level, from co-op meetings to grabbing drinks together at conferences like FAHP. This collaboration directly correlates with an increase in satisfaction from the people you serve.

Here at GT, we see customer service as resolving problems in the first call and going above and beyond (see our COVID action steps). We collaborate closely with MCOs, so we deliver the support people need before they even ask. 

  • 30 Seconds or Less Call Hold Time 
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction Score 
  • 90% of Questions Resolved in the First Call 
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2. Boots on the Ground in Your Region

Your F/EA should be able to complete PDO enrollments in 5 business days or less. They should also be able to start enrollments anywhere you need—from The Keys to the Panhandle. 

At GT, we meet people right where they’re at, whether this is over Zoom or right at their kitchen table. We even do Level 2 background screenings right at  the enrollment visit. 

  • 5 days to Complete a Referral From Start to Finish 
  • 4-24 hours for Participants to Receive Welcome Calls 
  • 100% of Regions Covered by Enrollment Specialists 

3. User-Friendly Technology Built for PDO

With EVV mandates, reporting needs, and caregiver shortages, it’s important to work with an F/EA that understands your pain-points and has a solution that works—and works well. 

GT talked to MCOs, case managers, participants, and caregivers and created innovative technology solutions that work together (and support you) seamlessly.  

The Caregiver EVV app is an EVV-compliant time submission app used by over 10,000 workers in Florida. It provides real time data, including when shifts are being performed, flagged fraud or waste indicators, and so much more. 

The GT Portal syncs with the Caregiver app, giving you all the budget, utilization, and EVV reporting you need. You’ll also gain access to Find a Caregiver, a database of over 3000 caregivers looking for additional work (and who have already passed a background screening).  

Delivering the Best Care. Together.

The people we serve deserve the best care. And that means MCOs and F/EAs working together as a team. To do this well, F/EAs need to step up and give MCOs support that goes above and beyond. Whether you’re just curious about PDO or looking for an F/EA that meets your needs, we’d love to talk with you. So whether it’s coffee, soda, or a cocktail, let’s grab a drink!