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Growing Self-Direction in a Year of Change: GT’s 2021 Yearly Report

April 8, 2022

Everyone should have the option to self-direct.

This is our big, long-term, audacious goal. The right to make choices about our own lives (self-determination) is a human right. And our goal is for everyone to have that right, regardless of age or ability.

We took big strides toward this goal in 2021. And we are excited for all the incredible things ready to launch in 2022.

Summary of 2021: Growth Brings Change

From a change of CEO to expanding into five new states, there were some huge shifts at GT Independence during 2021. And each change has helped us become stronger. All so we can bring better and better services to people who want to self-direct.

  • Expanded into 5 more states
  • Processed over 4.5 million time entries in 2021 alone
  • Carried over our 30-second average speed of answering calls from 2020
  • Carried over our problem resolution within 24 hours from 2020
  • Grew our advocacy efforts through the Disability Garrison podcast
  • Created the pod system to improve customer service

We’re also strengthening our voices as advocates. From launching the Disability Garrison podcast to gathering over 500 incredible stories about caregivers during the GT Care Awards, we’re thrilled to be able to support you better. Because we’re a company run by people with disabilities and their families. For people with disabilities and their families.

Holly Carmichael hugs another woman tightly. Both are wearing reddish tops and have blond hair.

Improvement leads to better services. Better services lead to a stronger voice.

And a stronger voice leads to more people having the option to self-direct.

And that’s our goal achieved.

Read the 2021 Yearly Report

Learn more details about how we’ve grown in 2021. You’ll also get the inside scoop on our advocacy efforts. And hear firsthand from the people we serve.

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